Best Beard And Moustache Scissors 2020

Growing your beard perfectly is definitely a piece of art. Most men treasure their beard and moustache as an intrinsic part of the look that they sport. However, sporting a well-maintained moustache or beard is not an easy task! You need repeated visits to the salon and drain your pocket.

In order to make your life way easier, there are accessories like trimmers and scissors which are available at hand. So, without wasting your precious time and money in an expensive parlour, explore the world of best beard and moustache scissors available for that perfect macho look!

1. Professional Nail Cuticle Scissor Stainless Steel

Professional Nail Cuticle Scissor Stainless Steel

Great Product Quality. This pair of scissors comes in a wonderfully designed leather pouch and is designed for multipurpose usage. Be it trimming your beard or adjusting your eyebrows, and they are curated to perform these functions neatly to give you the desired result. With a little maintenance, like sterilising them after use, cleaning and washing them will ensure that you get a healthy and perfect makeover with this amazing equipment.

These scissors, although named as “nail cuticle scissor” is definitely worthy of giving you just that desired trim to your beard spontaneously. The leather case in which it comes, not only makes it look classy but also ensures that the scissors are placed safely within, without getting contaminated. They boast of the following specifications which will definitely make you choose them for the next spa visit:

  • Strong and sharp blades of stainless steel are amazing as they are sharp and make the minute trimmings perfect without damaging the stud look in you!
  • The adjustable screw enables flexible use of these scissors. Be it, cutting the hangnails in winter or giving a sharp look to your beard, and the adjustable screws double up the ease of using them.
  • They are made from the highest quality surgical stainless steel for that ultimate safety.
  • The blades of these scissors potentially stay sharper than any other available in the market.
  • Be it the sturdiness, longevity or pricing, this pair of scissors is worth each penny you invest. Get a clean cut to your beard and moustache with this professional accessory in your kit.


  • Child friendly can be used to trim your kid’s toe nails.
  • Easily portable to the spa or salon.
  • Multifaceted use makes it one in all investment.
  • Easy on your pockets.
  • Wonderfully smooth trimming experience.


  • Instructions are not available with the set.
  • Needs regular sterilisation after use.

2. Suvorna 5″ Men’s Beard & Mustache Trimming, Cutting and Styling Scissors

Suvorna Men Beard Mustache Trimming Cutting and Styling Scissors

Best Runner Up. Get yourself groomed at home with this fantastic cutting, trimming and styling pair of scissors at ease. This pair of scissors has been ranked 19th in the Mustache Scissors section of Amazon under the Beauty & Personal Care. They have the perfect design to give you the perfect stubble or extended goatee look that you are fascinated to have! The scissors are completely made of Japanese steel which is hardened to last a lifetime.

The sturdiness of this pair is extraordinary, and they have been endowed with a smooth reflective surface to get prevent it from getting damaged or oxidized on exposure to air. The company also comes with an easy 60 days return policy in case the product didn’t serve your expectations.

Besides, they also give you a lifetime opportunity experience just to ensure that you can easily replace them on the occasion of this equipment fails to meet the criteria they promised. The razor sharpness of the blades is just perfect assistance to your grooming spree! This amazing scissor for styling the moustache also calls for a host of specialities as follows:

  • The sharpness of the blades can cater to all kinds of beard, be it thick, thin, curly or smooth.
  • The Japanese steel technology gives that extra smoothness and flexibility to function appropriately on your beard.
  • The attractive packaging offered by this company along with the scissors makes it easier to port them wherever and whenever you travel.
  • The blades are rust-resistant, preventing damage to the scissors.


  • No more unwanted electric trimmer accidents.
  • Gives you the privilege of getting a barber styled beard with this equipment.
  • Maintains that confidence in you by being perfect assistance to your beard and moustache.
  • The perfect friend to all those beardoholic!
  • Has a convex edge giving that perfect trimming opportunity.


  • Holes are too small for the complete finger to fit in.
  • Can be a little bulky for the purpose.

3. K-Beauty Eyebrow & Facial Hair Scissors Kit

K Beauty Eyebrow Facial Hair Scissors Kit

Cheapest Among all. Getting your facial hair fixed and keeping the unwanted outgrowth away from your face is necessary! To make your experience of manoeuvring your beard easier and flexible, this scissor kit will be your best friend.

They provide the safety, comfort and ease that you will require to get the perfect edge to the bearded look you are planning to sport. Be it the classy style you want to portray or the modern-day chic moustache, and this scissor is the ideal accessory to support the grooming. For all the moustache lovers and beard freaks, nothings fit your requirement better than this sturdy companion. Not only are they best for grooming but can have a versatile usage in-store.

Be it clipping your toenails or clipping the eyebrow outgrowth, and they can simply work wonders. The sturdy blades won’t get tarnished due to the great quality of steel the K-beauty kit endorse. This great tool can be easily sneaked into your essential grooming kit, for they are superlight and can be conveniently transported for your next trip out of town. All doesn’t end here, as they have further specifications which will make your buy, worth the experience.

  • This kit comes with two pieces of scissors with the wonderfully slick design making your grooming days more interesting and easier.
  • The facial scissor is specifically designed to give you that clean and chic look that attracts attention.
  • The handle holes are spacious to easily put your fingers through and ensures that the grip is tight.
  • The tips are designed to meet special needs while the curved tip ensures precise cutting with minute details, the rounded tip assists for grooming the hairs in the sensitive parts of your face.
  • The blades are made of surgical stainless steel, ensuring long term durability.


  • Worth the price.
  • Two pieces of scissors curated for a specific use.
  • Lightweight and small.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Versatile usage.


  • Requires maintenance.

4. Saaqaans SQR-01 Professional Hairdressing Scissor

Saaqaans SQR-01 Professional Hairdressing Scissor

Best Under $10. This tool is just the perfect pal to a professional dresser or for homely use. Whether you are starting your new salon business or want a professional tool at home, this pair of scissors will amaze you! The ideal pair of scissors can assure you for the perfect style that you want to achieve. The quality of grooming also radically improves, and Saaqaans scissors are specifically designed to meet these needs.

The pair is not only perfect for giving the desired styling, but it also boasts of an assured comfort while using them. They are premium quality tools curated keeping in mind the necessity to have that well-maintained bearded look. Besides, being offering a splendid service, they are designed wonderfully. Offering bright and colourful scissors, it is really fun to work with its quirky look. They are an ideal choice for all professionals.

Whether you are a beginner in dressing the beard and moustache or a pro, they can give you just the assistance that you are in need of. The scissor is curated to ensure that you work fast and with accuracy to give that absolutely stunning style to the beard. For the high graded and premium styling to the facial hair, this is the correct investment that you might be searching for.

  • Handles are designed ergonomically with rubber cushioning for comfortable cutting.
  • Adjustment screw which is essential for efficient functioning.
  • Sharp blades with razor edge such that the cutting and grooming is smooth and fast.
  • Features premium quality steel.
  • Handle holes enable easy grip of the tool.


  • Comes with a pouch to carry.
  • Attractive design.
  • Extremely lightweight for easy tweaking.
  • Multifaceted use is possible as a novice and professional.
  • Efficient, smooth and sharp.


  • Can lose sharpness over long period usage.
  • The bright colour tends to wear out.

5. Suvorna Premium Beard and Mustache Scissors set/Kit

Suvorna Premium Beard and Mustache Scissors set/Kit

Best Value for Money. If you are the one in complete love of your beard, this kit should find a place in your shelves. It is an ideal grooming kit for all men who are fascinated by the moustaches and beard. With a set of premium quality tools, this is an asset for your facial hair. The tools are specifically designed to meet the special needs individuals. So, for a professionally styled look, this forms an apt requirement.

This box of tools is intricately designed to meet all the beard needs and present you with the new and refurbished look. The packaging is really attractive, making it the right gift for your beard fanatic friend. Your man will be completely overwhelmed as you reward this exclusive kit for a designer stubble!

The case is classy and ensures that the tools are safely placed in them without any damage. Besides, all these great features, they give you 90 days return opportunity and a lifetime warranty, in case you are not satisfied with the purchase. Want more specs? Here are what they offer:

  • 5.5” premium scissors, general-purpose scissors, tweezers with slanted tips, nose & ears and a precision scissor for trimming beard and moustache.
  • Handcrafted blades made with high carbon content steel perfect for specific usage.
  • Exclusively designed case for storage of tools.
  • Varied options on colours and design.
  • Very high durability and smoothness for efficient use.

For taking your beard styling passion to the next level, this is the gift that you can make to yourself in the coming month. The ideal case of tools that will make life way easier, giving that stud look.


  • Multiple tool options.
  • All in one investment.
  • Great quality and clean-cut precision.
  • Warranty of a lifetime.
  • Value for money.


  • Can be a little heavy on your budget.
  • Missing on a comb.

6. HITOPTY Small Precision Scissors

Hitopty Small Precision Scissors

Product with Ultimate Precision. This is the vintage scissors that you will dream to own. The scissors come with multi-faceted usage options making your life easier. For the love of a nice and groomed facial hair and to get rid of the unwanted ones, you can easily get this as an option. This brand claims to give you complete satisfaction from the purchase.

The tool boasts of the perfect design to help give you a beard makeover and also help in maintaining the eyelashes, eyebrows or even your hair. This mini scissor is a complete package for a long trip or an easy and fast trimming session at home. The pouch is small and easy to carry, making it a travel friendly shaving option.

The precision with which this pair function is highly recommendable as they operate smoothly on thick and thin hair. The tips are straight, and the blades are really sharp and hence needs to be put away from the grasp of children. To make your buying experience completely worry-free, the company promises to give a hundred percent money-back guarantee if you are not at all satisfied with the purchase. Customer satisfaction is a primary issue of Hiptopty. Getting yourself groomed becomes way easier with this small snippet at hand. Thus:

  • They sport 3.5 inches blade, making them small and efficient.
  • A PU leather pouch for ensuring portability and safety.
  • Sharp stainless still blades with straight tips for easy uses.
  • Multi- facility use option besides grooming your facial hair.
  • Helps in accurate styling with minute details.


  • Can ideally be a perfect gift for anybody.
  • Pocket-size tool, promoting ease carrying.
  • Can be efficiently taken on a trip or to the salon.
  • Assuring money-back guarantee.
  • Great efficiency and precision in the cuts.


  • Very sharp & needs to be kept away from kids.
  • Little too pricey for the product.

7. Curved and Rounded Facial Hair Scissors for Men

Curved and Rounded Facial Hair Scissors for Men

Product with double benefit. This is the pair of scissors that has the vintage design used for grooming facial hair for decades. This has been ranked 1 in the bestseller category of Mustache Scissors on Amazon. The scissors have that traditional edge to their look and offer just the same service that you will need. The stainless steel blades are crafted to make styling a lot easier and comfortable.

The handles are designed to ensure that you can work with comfort and not hurt your fingers in the process. The quality of steel put in the manufacture of this pair is the stainless steel used in surgical tools. They are light and can be easily carried during a journey. If you are always travelling from place to place, this pair is actually well suited for the purpose.

The stainless steel in use holds the sharpness at least five times longer than ordinary ones. This gives the required sharpness and smoothness to your job if grooming. Get that impeccable trim and close cut with the sharp blades which retain its sharpness. This is the perfect equipment for a salon or barbershop making beard dressing faster. The finger holes are large making the grip more comfortable, and you can tweak your fingers as you style. The rounded tip of the scissors enables you to have a clear cut without injuring any sensitive part of your face. Hence, this product promises you of:

  • A perfect slick cut with sharp stainless steel blades.
  • Ease of travelling as they feature a convenient size.
  • Easy grip with large finger holes.
  • Rounded tip ensuring safety from injury.
  • Ease of cleaning by just wiping it off with a dry cloth.


  • Travel-friendly option
  • Multiple cutting facility.
  • Good for the price.
  • Stainless steel which is highly durable.
  • Precision in cuts.


  • Lacks a carrying pouch.
  • Not ideal for cutting nails.

8. OntakiHandforged Japanese Scissors

OntakiHandforged Japanese Scissors

Best Overall. These are scissors curated exclusively from Japanese steel. They are perfect if you are trying to get your whiskers a new dimension. This steel blend is no other regular stainless steel but features, the specially designed Japanese steel which is highly durable.

The Ontaki scissors are made of Japanese steel exclusively hand forged by craftsmen giving the best product available in the market. It also ensures multiple usages beside basic grooming needs of facial hair. Be it an easy trim on your hair or eyebrows, and this can do wonders. The precision of the scissors from this company is amazing. You can get that perfect edge to your face by cutting off the knick knacks easily.

They also feature convex blades making difficult cuts easier and smoother. You can easily get the stubble design you want using this specific tool. Without creating an angle at the edge of the scissors, this specially curated Japanese scissors gets forged to give a fine point ensuring precision. The blades function as a magic on your facial fleece giving it the designer appeal. They also endorse a finger rest along with a bumper silencer for preventing the unwanted noise made from clamping of the handles. This company completely functions on customer reviews and claim to assess the customer satisfaction levels before purchase. Hence,

  • The scissors feature 5 inches blade for great efficiency.
  • Has an adjustable tension screw for various uses.
  • Japanese sheers have arcs which are shallow behind the blades.
  • Leather pouch convenient for a journey.
  • Plates with leaf springs


  • Ideal present for that bearded friend.
  • Finest steel blades ensure durability and ease of use.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Best in the market.
  • Tension screw easily adjustable with fingers.


  • Finger holes are way smaller for a full-grown adult.
  • Blades can be a tad bit shorter.

9. Self sharpening Mustache and Beard Scissors FINOX22

Self Sharpening Mustache Beard Scissors Finox22

Product With Best reviews. This pair of scissors is a perfect choice if you are planning on equipping your salon with great tools. This great equipment will genuinely give you a tension-free cutting and trimming opportunity. If you are that bearded guy, completely passionate about beard accessories and products, this an item which must make a way into your bucket list.

The scissors are overwhelmingly efficient in the job they are meant to perform. You can comfortably put up that stylish mutton chop on your face with this sharp and exclusive scissor. Enabling you to get rid of the extra and unwanted hair from your face easily, they also make cutting swifter. For that smooth finishing to your long-awaited beard design, you need to grab up this delightful product.

GERmanikure is acclaimed of bringing the highest quality tools in the market. This scissor is a perfect example of old wine in a new bottle. With the FINOX22, you’ll get the perfect blend of all the good qualities found in the GERmanikure scissors. It features the hard titanium coating with Stainless steel edge on the opposite side for razor sharpness. The world-class quality of tools manufactured by this company is still found in this product with an addition of technological advancement. Thus, this pair of scissor helps you to give that mastery on the moustache trimming and styling. It also features:

  • Self-sharpening facility with titanium coating, such that it the sharpness doesn’t get reduced due to random opening and closing.
  • Blades which are hand hammered for easy adjustments.
  • 52 Rockwell is enabling super hardness for decades.
  • The leather case.
  • Completely sterilizable blades.


  • Very sharp.
  • Flexible usage is ensured.
  • Self-sharpening characteristics.
  • Light but sturdy.
  • Long-lasting GERmanikure product.


  • Might be a bit too heavy on pockets.
  • Ideal for a professional set up.

10. Professional Moustache Scissors by Sanguine

Professional Moustache Scissors by Sanguine

Best Professional Product. For taming that unruly hair on your face, you will definitely need something hefty and sharp. What’s better than an ideal pair of scissors from Sanguine. They are perfect for getting the stubble and your mouser in control. The razor sharpness indeed gives you that precision that would make an attractive look possible. With the accuracy in functioning, this pair can be used to design intricately without injuring the skin.

The delicate cuts can be achieved at ease, and you are at full comfort while handling them. Besides, the swift movements enabled by this brand actually gives super comfort. The handles are well designed for fitting fingers of all shapes and sizes.

Moreover, there are multiple options in size available which ensure that you make the choice as per requirement. If you are planning in investing for a pair which is moderately priced, this can easily be an ideal choice for you. You can use it as a personal care product as well as a piece of professional equipment for the versatility they offer. Curated out of Japanese steel, they are great to use and handle. The sharpness will never keep you dissatisfied. And if this Amazon Choice product does not at all convince you, they promise to refund the amount you spend. As you plan for an upgrade from your old trimmer, they offer you with:

  • Ultra sharpness from Japanese steel.
  • A solid feel and a firm grip on the handles.
  • Screws to adjust the functioning.
  • Storage with closure made of the magnet.
  • Great for trim on beards, moustache and eyebrows.


  • Premium quality steel blades.
  • Great manoeuvrability.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Gives a great fineness to the stubble design.
  • Flexible and easy to use.


  • Screws need to be tightened after repeated use.
  • A bit pricey for others in this range.


All these products are great for giving that nice look to your stash and beard. They are amazing scissors ideal for giving that sharp edge to your look and making you the star of the show! All the brands mentioned above are good in quality and keeps up to the expectations that you will have from them.

Thus, if you are thinking of investing in any, chose and opted from any of them and you’ll not be disappointed. In an affordable range, these are the best curator of your facial hair that is available in the market. Without further delay, grab one for an exciting offer.

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