A Complete Guide To Grooming A Bandholz Beard

The trend of grooming facial hair in men emerged around a decade ago. Researchers theorize that during the global economic crisis, men began grooming facial hair as a sign of displaying dominance over their peers when competing for rare job openings.

A Complete Guide To Grooming A Bandholz Beard

Whatever the spark may have been, this trend, which started with the regular hipster-like look, has evolved and indeed branched out into more complex and appealing looks.

Beards today are not only a sign of dominance but also considered as a major fashion statement among men. Various stars and celebrities got on board and shaped the course of how this trend panned out.

However, it’s not just the celebrities who have influenced the world of grooming. One such major facial hairstyle in men is the Bandholz beard. Eric Bandholz, a regular day job individual, bored with his monotonous life, had an epiphany.

He began to groom a style that would raise him to new levels of fame in the fashion industry. And this was how the famous “Bandholz Beard” came to be.

Bandholz Beard

Bandholz Beard

Bandholz style of facial hair is perhaps the most rugged and definitely the most dominating style in the hair grooming catalog. It features an upturned mustache attached to a freely grown beard that extends more than 20 centimeters.

It possesses charisma and charm owing to its uncommonness. This feature has gained the style as well as its curator, Eric Bandholz, much fame. So much that he is now the owner of a facial hair grooming brand.

Bandholz beard style requires a thick and rapid growth. In principle, the grooming of this style may look easy, but as far as practicality is concerned, it requires a good amount of guidance and expertise. We are listing out a few techniques you can follow to groom and care for your Bandholz beard.

Improving Facial Hair Growth

Improving Facial Hair Growth

The key to growing an authentic Bandholz beard is to have a good facial hair growth pattern. So, we shall look at enhancing your facial hair growth. Some men seem to have scanty hair growth.

While one can’t change hereditary reasons for poor or lopsided development, there are a few different ways you can help energize your regular facial hair to develop in a thicker and more pronounced manner.

To develop facial hair, focus on the procedure, consider utilizing whiskers oils and enhancements, practice legitimate healthy skin, and sustain your body from within.

Here are a few things one must keep in mind to improve facial hair growth.

  1. Commitment – As generic as this advice may seem, one of the first hurdles men encounter is impatience. Growing a beard takes time and a certain amount of devotion.
  2. Restrain from shaving when you itch. Itching is the first sign of new hair growth. If the itching gets too bothersome, use an over-the-counter steroid cream like hydrocortisone. Make sure to drink plenty of water to prevent dry skin because a dry epidermal is the main reason that causes itching.
  3. At first, growth might seem uneven and patchy. Take this with a grain of salt because given time, the growth will even out.
  4. Letting your hair grow along with your facial hair is a good idea. You can also ask your barber to style your hair suitably.
  5. Using beard oils is highly common when aiming for improving hair growth. You can experiment with these as well. The market is filled with a range of brands of hair oil, each one different than the other and suitable for different kinds of skin.
  6. Trying supplements is another great idea since there are certain nutrients that you can add to your daily routine that can help encourage faster, more effective hair growth. Studies have shown that folic acid increases hair growth and helps with the repair of hair. Folic acid can be found in whole-grain bread and oats, verdant green vegetables, peas, and nuts.
  7. Another thing one can try is increasing the intake of Vitamin B found in liver, clams, cauliflower, beans, fish, carrots, bananas, soy flour, egg yolks, grains, yeast, and different nourishment.

Improving Lifestyle

A Bandholz beard, or any beard for that matter, is suited to a charming personality and, more importantly, healthy skin. Here are a few tips for maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

  • Exfoliate your skin.
  • Use lotions and oils to ensure healthy skin.
  • Use face wash at least 2-3 times a day.

Maintaining a healthy diet, along with plenty of exercises, is another way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Week By Week Plan To Bandholz

Week By Week Plan To Bandholz

Week 1 to 2 – This involves typically the pre growing stage where you let your hair grow without the help of supplements or oils. This stage is important to take note of your natural hair growth rate.Once this has been done, you can start employing the methods mentioned above to improve your hair growth.

Week 3 to 4 – When we begin getting some length, there are a couple of new practices to join into the daily practice. Finding the ideal equalization of cleaning your whiskers is vital. The synthetic substances and items in specific brands can really be unsafe for the development of hair.

Excess use of these can take away the basic oils from your whiskers, however too little can cause obstructed pores and messy facial hair.

More than one occasion per week is a decent amount of time to shampoo your Bandholz beard, yet a few people have somewhat oilier skin than others so they can increase the frequency of using products as suited to their needs.

You can vary changes depending on what works explicitly for you. Start off shampooing your facial hair at regular intervals and focus on how your whiskers feel and look.

Maintaining That Bandholz

Now that you have successfully achieved a perfect Bandholz, your prime objective is to maintain it. This in itself is not an easy task and shouldn’t be taken lightly, or else one ends up with a scraggly beard with dandruff.

We suggest regulating a periodic cycle of shampooing, oiling, and combing.Some experts also suggest dyeing your beard, such as at the tips, would give it a better look.

It’s your Bandholz beard, and you can experiment as you see fit. However, it is imperative to ensure that the originality and the authenticity of a Bandholz isn’t lost.

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