How To Grow Beard Like Van Dyke

Beard is the love of every man. They grow beard not just to impress every girl around them, but also because it helps in enhancing their confidence.

A good beard is indeed like a dream to every man or even a boy who is stepping into his manhood. But as it is rightly said, with great beards come great responsibilities. The men have to nurture their beard like a baby.

Experimenting with the beard and trying new styles can enhance your personality completely. But if you wish to grow your beard like Van Dyke, then you’ll need to give proper care to your facial hair.

How To Grow Van Dyke Beard

We understand this, and therefore, we are here to give a brief about the “Van Dyke style beard,” which became famous and trendy back in the 17th century. Also, we will guide you to grow this style of Van Dyke beard.

The Van Dyke Style

Van Dyke Beard style was named after a Flemish painter, Van Dyke, back in the 17th century. In the beginning, people did not accept the change at once, but, as time moved, the style started to gather public interest.

Still, after so many years, Van Dyke beard style still is the dream of many men. The basic Van Dyke beard includes a mustache and a goatee underneath. This is a style in which both the cheeks are completely clean shaved or have a very slight patch of hair.

The basic difference between The Goatee style and The Van Dyke Style is that in Goatee, the beard is trimmed in such a way so that hair grows only at the center of the chin area. Whereas, in Van Dyke’s style, the Goatee is always paired with mustaches.

Will Van Dyke Beard Suit You?

Will Van Dyke Beard Suit You

Every beard is made to fit a particular type of face. Similarly, like all the other beards, Van Dyke suits best on people who have a round face or round facial jawline.

Van Dyke beard style doesn’t require full beard growth. This style can easily be adorned on faces with low facial hair growth.

This Van Dyke beard style is also suitable for warmer weather as hair does not completely cover the face, but just the chin and upper lip areas.

This is a very casual type of beard style, which can turn into a formal look also when paired with the right hairstyle and proper formal look. Van Dyke is a type of beard that can also be paired up with the traditional dressing or beach wears.

Steps To Grow The Van Dyke Style

Van Dyke Style is a style that does not require a lot of effort to be put in. Even after getting the look, it requires minimal attention or maintenance. The Simple steps include-

The beard can be divided into two parts, the Goatee, and the mustaches. Start with getting the perfect Goatee as mustaches can be paired up easily afterward.

For Goatee-

  1. First of all, grow beard up to 2 cm in length. It may not be a very thick beard at the cheek area.
  2. Brush down the beard
  3. Draw an imaginary line from the ends of your lips to the jawline, parallel to your jawline.
  4. Trim off all the hair outside the imaginary area. Remember to trim it in a way that, in the end, the beard must have a sharp edge at the bottom chin part.
  5. Trim below the face also, till Adam’s apple.
  6. The Goatee is ready to flaunt.

The next part requires trimming or styling the mustaches.

  1. For the mustaches, pair it according to the face and the style of Goatee for better results.
  2. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Use beard cream or gels to set the facial hair in place.
  4. Avoid the use of oils, as this can make your beard look slightly greasy.
  5. Flaunt the beard.

Maintaining The Perfect Look

Maintaining The Perfect Look

Van Dyke beard is easy to maintain. Slight trimming on alternate days is enough to keep the beard in place. People might have to clean shave the area on the outside of the imaginary circle, depending upon their hair growth.


The Van Dyke beard is fun to play with. It gives people an extensive range of variations to choose from. People can experiment with their mustaches or with their Goatee, and sometimes both. Few examples are,

  1. Mustaches can be as short as the length of their lips or can go as long as their chin.
  2. Similarly, there can be a lot of variations in the length of the Goatee.
  3. The style of the mustaches can also be altered for a unique look.
  4. The end of the Goatee can be sharp, round, or pointed.
  5. Instead of a completely clean, shaved cheek area, people can try having short stubble hair. This will give them a full beard look.


  1. Van Dyke beard style is a very distinctive style that requires precision. So, be very careful while trimming your look with scissors or even with electric trimmers.
  2. Van Dyke beard is known for its sharp and neat edges. Therefore, clean the beard regularly for better appearance.
  3. This beard does not require styling every day; therefore, people can go for this Van Dyke style if they are facing itchy hair or lousy beard days.
  4. Regularly messaging your beard can help wonders. This will ensure better hair growth as the blood circulation of the area increases.


Though beard gives people a more sexy look, Van Dyke beard is perfect when they want to go for something which is not so beardy.

Van Dyke beard has again started to gain attention after some of the red carpet celebrities tried it on galas. This look can also be adopted by people with a full facial hair who want to get a “taste of no beard” or “less beard look.”

I hope you liked the article and got the perfect Van Dyke look without much hustles and confusion. Choosing Van Dyke look can prove to be the wisest choice for every beard lover across the globe.

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