How To Style Goatee Beard | Goatee Beard Shape Maintenance Tips

There are few styles of facial hair that have been talked about as much in recent years as the famous Goatee Beard – maybe that has to do with the people who decide to wear it or want to know about the different ways of growing it.

While Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Backstreet Boys chose to give up their goatee in the 90s, great men such as Abraham Lincoln or Charles Dickens gave it its letters of nobility.

How To Style Goatee Beard Shape Maintenance Tips

Personalities like Idris Elba and Robert Downey Jr are even trying today to restore it to its former status. We are all able to recognize a goatee beard when we see someone adorning it.

However, few of us are able to describe them without touching our faces. In summary, a goatee beard is a set of hairs resembling the tuft of hair that a goatee has on the chin.

However, although it often takes the typical form of a pointed beard, this is not always the case. Even if your goatee beard is just a pile of chin hair, knowing how to shave it is just as important as knowing how to grow it.

For those who take great care of their goatee beard, it is usual to shave their cheeks properly and maintain a line of hair that links the mustache to the chin.

How To Get A Neat Goatee Beard?

Goatee Beard Shapes

The goatee beard requires fairly important maintenance; here are the different steps to have a flawless goatee.

  1. You should begin with washing and drying your goatee before you begin shaving.
  2. You then must define the areas of your face that you just shave. Then take your clipper to shave from where you want your beard not to grow up to your chin.
  3. Then use a towel to remove excess hair out of your face.
  4. You must then shave the hair you want to remove on each side of the chin, which makes sure to shave it evenly while continuously monitoring your shaving with a mirror.
  5. When the shape of your Goatee beard is as you want it, you have to style your beard out from top to bottom by clipping all the hair which protrudes. No matter the form of your goatee, you need to make sure that it is wholly symmetrical on both sides of the border of your face.
  6. When you’re satisfied with the outcome, rinse your face, and your look is complete.
  7. Finish off with an aftershave cream to nourish.

The goatee beard is a classic that will amplify your complete look. In addition, it is easily customizable to suit everyone, but to be sure of having a neat look, significant and almost daily maintenance is necessary.

Tips To Rock Your Goatee Beard Style

Goatee Beard Style Shape Tips

  • To adorn a goatee beard, some rules must be followed. It is extremely important to stay presentable; it should not be bigger than your mouth.
  • All hair growing below the lower area of the lip must be removed.
  • The edges need to be straight to mark the separation between the goatee and the rest of the face.
  • It is very much important to trim the fly hair either. If they are ending up joining the hair of the chin, that’s fine, but it’s not an obligation.
  • Your goatee beard should be round on its end towards the point of the neck. They should not hang too much on the chin.

Here’s How To Maintain Your Goatee Beard?

How To Maintain Goatee Beard?

After trimming the beard, it is essential to maintain it because maintaining a beard makes all the difference.After shaving, moisturize the skin and nourish the hair with a beard cream or beard oil.

We must not forget that behind the beard hides a skin irritated by shaving. The clipper and the razor, unfortunately, weaken the epidermis and make your skin prone to irritations and imperfections.

For these reasons, we advise you to use a beard cream, especially if you have a goatee beard. Heat a little balm between your fingers or palms (your preference) and massage your face well as if you were applying a usual moisturizer.

Even if you have a long beard, use the balm on shaved areas such as the neck and cheeks to avoid small pimples. If you have a long goatee beard, we strongly recommend that you invest in beard oil. It is the must-have for a shiny and soft beard.

Let it penetrate your skin well and voila: you have a beautiful beard that smells good with only a few drops of this fabulous product. You see, maintaining his beard is easy, and it takes 2 minutes, so you have to get started right away!

How To Grow Your Goatee?

Before deciding if you want a goatee, you should first ask yourself if you can get used to this controversial look. Various factors must be taken into account, including the shape of your face, your chin as well as the color of your hair and your skin.

So, while a goatee gives a harsh look to men with fair skin and brown beards, it looks much more refined on those whose hair and skin colors are more similar. To grow a goatee, the first step is simply to let your hair grow; it is only afterward that you will have to start trimming it.

It is preferable to wait for a week so that your hair does not grow enough and form a beautiful thick beard that you can then comb in order to smooth all the coarse hairs.

If you want to combine goatee and mustache, we advise you to use the angle of your mustache as a starting point to draw the outer line of your goatee. On the other hand, if you do not yet have a mustache, you are free to choose the line that suits you.

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