The Ultimate Guide For French Fork Beard

Beard is the pride of every man, and when you decide to experiment with your facial hair, the real fun begins. Beard helps you look more responsible, reliable, and mature. It helps to increase the confidence in you.

There are hundreds of styles trending around the globe today, but, in this article, we will specifically focus on French fork beard for guys who loves this style. As it is rightly said, the beard is just like a baby; you have to nurture it and take very good care of it.

Guide For French Fork Beard

And to your rescue, we are here with the ultimate guide for French fork beard and beard lovers to pave your way through all the doubts and confusion regarding them.

We will discuss how you can increase the growth of your beard, what are the steps to get the perfect fork beard look, what are the steps required to maintain the style, what are the different variations you can play with staying in the fork beard look, lastly, some tips and tricks.

What Is The French Fork Beard Look?

What Is The French Fork Beard Look?

Fork beard comes from the family of a full beard. Very similar to how simple ducktail beards look like, fork beard gets its name from the fork-like appearance that it carries.

This style can be achieved by cutting off a triangular patch from the bottom side of the ducktail beard, below the chin. The length of the two split parts can vary according to your wish and type of beard that suits you.

It can even go beyond your chest level or can end just where your chin ends. It came into a trend after the famous actor from the movie Pirates Of Caribbean; Johnny Depp wore this style for the first time on the red carpets.

How To Identify If This Look Is Made For You?

Fork beard looks best on people with a round face or those who have slight fat on their cheek area. It is also an excellent choice for you if you have a somewhat rounded jawline so that your face looks elongated.

This will make you appear slimmer. Very essentially, you should try and experiment with this style if you have a good growth of facial hair. It is essential as this look requires thicker hair at the sides of your cheeks.

How To Get The Thicker Hair Growth For The Fork Beard Looks?

There are a lot of home remedies as well as commercial methods available for this purpose. Also, there are many products in the market which claim to do the job. Here, we have gathered three most effective ways you can rely upon to get silky and thick beard hair.

1) Do facial exercise for increasing the growth twice daily. Messaging your beard area will increase the flow of blood, which will further enhance the growth. Messaging with virgin castor oil or mustard oil can give satisfactory results.

2) Just like the hair on your head, facial hair also grows better when you trim them regularly. This helps you remove all the split-end hair from your face and gives way to new growth.

3) Stress-less. It is scientifically proven that stress disturbs the growth of your hair and deteriorates their quality. This remedy is not just for better facial hair but also better health of your overall body.

How Can You Style French Fork Beard?

How Can You Style French Fork Beard?

This can easily be achieved by following the given steps.

  • Wash your beard and blow-dry the hair.
  • Brush them vertically from cheeks to the lower part.
  • Trim down the smaller hair or excess hair growth protruding out from the bunch.
  • Carefully, make a slit at the center of the beard
  • Cut off a triangular patch surrounding the slit. This will make a small triangular gap between two strands of hair.
  • Brush both the parts separately.
  • Set the style using hair oils or creams.
  • You will get the basic French fork beard.

– For further styling,

  • Putting rubber bands or ribbons of the same or different colors to get a lighter and funkier look.
  • You can also try braiding the two sections of the beard separately. This will give you a subtle variation from the basic look.

How To Maintain The Perfect French Fork Beard Look?

After months of growing thick hair on your face and after the final styling of the beard, French fork beard is not a kind of look, which will require a lot of your time and attention to stay set as it is.

The most important thing which you have to keep in mind is that you now have two beards. You have to brush them separately, and you have to tie them separately before you doze off to sleep.

This will ensure that both the sections do not get mixed up while you just chill around. Slight use of hair oil can also be taken into consideration if you feel the need.

The Ultimate Tip And Trick

As we know, this look requires cutting a patch off your natural beard. But if you want to get into the look for a short time period or if you just want to try the look once, cutting does not seem to be much viable.

For this purpose, you can try the temporary method of fork beard. The biggest advantage is that your beard remains the same thick without any slits or cuts. Simple washing it with warm water will make it exactly as original.

But, the basic disadvantage is that it can never compete with the typical fork beard. Even the slightest exposure to water or roughness will ruin your look.

** This trick involves parting your beard hair into two parts and then brushing it down vertically. In the next step, you have to tie the two sections on the edge of both the cheeks near your ear area, overnight. This will help your hair to look apart from each other when you untie them the next morning.

After you untie them, don’t forget to set the style with beard gel. In the absence of this, your beard will soon start taking its original shape within an hour.

The effect stays for up to 6 hours. Enjoy and embrace the look. You can wash your beard once to undo the change.


We hope you found this guide helpful. It is indeed a wise choice to experiment with the beard. It is a type of beard that will make you look different from all the crowd.

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