7 Brilliant Shaving Hacks For A Smooth Shave

Men are blessed with an inherited commitment of keeping their facial hair in the cherished form so as to exhibit their personality with a pinch of style and personalization with a blazing beard statement.
A beard statement constitutes the supreme most ingredient in the total men look, when gone wrong, can be really disgusting on the personality portrayal, resulting is repulsive imprints in your squad.
As such, the shaving process must involve with your keen attention for the superlative results. But guess if you are not a Pro at it? If you are doing it in the wrong way for your entire lifetime?
Yes, shredding facial beard seems to be super easy, but it always led you towards bloodshed and irritation. Not any longer now. Now you have with you all the 7 super cool shaving tricks to save your life from all major shaving miseries. Find some shaving hacks for smooth shave.

1. Prepare The Battle Ground For Perfect Shaving

Prepare The Shaving Battle Ground For Smooth Shave
A mild preparation is always necessary before you raise your weapon for any battle. The shaving battle is one such thing that requires a super easy prep process to make your shaving experience smoother. Your facial hair can be strong and deep-rooted to your skin. Also the continuous strokes of sharp blades make your hair even more harsh and dense that its actual initial state.
As such, uprooting them might seem to be a messy and tiresome phenomenon for you before you leave for work. To soften the facial hair, all you need to do is applying a small quantity of hair conditioner on your wet beard to weaken the roots of the hair. Yes, hair conditioner smoothens our head hair, giving it a lustrous finish and it does the same to your facial hair, making it all ready for a brilliant shaving finish.
The process is obviously the simplest of all, wet your face with normal water, allow a bit of hair conditioner on your palms and gently apply it on your facial hair and wash off after keeping it for a minute or so. Here you go, all ready for the best shaving experience.

2. Warm Up Skin Or Cool Down Skin?

Warm Up Skin Or Cool Down Skin For Smooth Shaving
Your facial hair pores are tight enough to hold the grip of the beard look that you are into. The tightened pores make it hard for your shaving blades to run over the facial hair. At the same time, the evenness of the bearded area can be compromised to a great extent on the existence of tightened pores, letting you go through an unmanageable shaving phenomenon.
To open up the pores of your skin and exposing your skin to easy uprooting of hair, all you require to do is apply hot water to your beard area and leave it for some time with the warmth so that the pores respond to the blades easily.
But after the blades run over your skin cover and facial hair, the open pores must be still sensitive towards the surrounding environment which can definitely be a major threat to the skin texture and the locked nourishment.
Therefore, applying cold water on your face to calm down the skin and the open pores is a must. You won’t believe but this shaving routine can work wonders on your skin when executed before and after the shaving process.

3. Moisturizing With Love For Smooth Shave

Skin Moisturizing With Love For Smooth Shave
The most obvious hack of pampering your freshly shaved skin is to apply a soft and effective moisturizer on your skin after shaving to soften the skin cells and calming down the light irritation that result due to the razor blades.
In summers, after your shave, the naked skin that is exposed to the scorch heat of sunlight, can really get tanned and let you observe irritations on the skin with red spots, swellings and dryness at the same time.
To eradicate these skin problems and unwanted tanning, you must definitely go for any potent moisturizer that includes SPF benefits and safeguards your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of sunlight. Also now a days a lot of blades come which extra special care for your skin that includes moisturizing strip containing chamomile and olive oil which work brilliant on your skin for a smooth touch.

4. Choose Your Weapons Wisely

Choose Your Shaving Razor Wisely For Smooth Shaving Male
Shaving blades, the weapon of the shaving battle definitely needs to be selected with a wise approach. To defeat the opponent armed forces of the battle, you definitely require sharp apparatus to chop down the enemy and get victory onto them. A sharp shaver with a pivoted head is all that you require for a super smooth shaved skin and a lustrous look.
Not just for a smooth skin, a sharp shaver also lets you get rid of any bumps on facial skin and hair that results due to dull razors which go uneven on the dense hair. Dull razors go destructing on zig-zag like hair structures and may ruin your total look.
Without taking chances, you must definitely try out the latest super sharp shavers with maximum number of narrow blades and that includes a pivoted head, thus letting you achieve the most finished shave possible.

5. Lip Balm? Not Just For Girls : Best Shaving Hacks

Men Lip Balm For Smooth Shaving Male
Any shaving phenomenon, no matter how cautious you get throughout the process, can never be complete without mild cuts and irritation. The mild cuts that occur might look minute in sizes but delivers great discomfort in your skin leaving it itchy and irritated. As such, to let your skin calm down with diminished irritation and cuts, you must carry out some super effective tricks that instantly eliminate the bloodshed and irritation.
A lip balm is one such tricky substance that can do wonders on your cuts, with reducing the irritation and bleeding and risks of infection at the same time. It has always been a myth that cosmetics are meant for girls just. But why following a myth when you can achieve comfort in a single step.

6. Maintaining The Skin Nourishment

Maintaining The Skin Nourishment
Not just during the time of shaving, you need to take care of your skin and pamper it with hacks for a smooth shaving experience, but you also in general you must take necessary measures to feed the skin cells with sufficient nourishment. The skin nourishment is an indispensable part of the skin care routine that provides the skin texture with smoothness and liveliness so as to avoid a dry pickled look.
Skin exfoliation is one of the prime techniques that need to be taken into consideration for removing dead skin from the face and getting a smooth skin with fresher look. Exfoliation should be done on a regular basis to, mostly for about once or twice a week, for letting go any skin breakouts and damages in your skin.
The smooth and healthy skin helps you run the shaving equipment more conveniently over your skin and diminishes sensitivity and irritation to the greatest extent. A DIY exfoliating pack or any good packs that are available on the nearby stores, which is not prone to your skin quality, can help you out with the flawless skin.

7. Upgrade Your Battle Weapon For Smooth Shave

Upgrade Your Shaving Gadgets
To achieve the best shaving experience, the shaving blades are required to be changed from time to time as the blades wear out its ability with course of time and are sure to work dull on your beard. You can look for a value pack in nearby stores or online which come with best offers and affordable rates.
With the frequent change in razor blades, the sharpness in the beard looks would still be there. Along with a sharp look, the frequent changes in blades reduce the chances of infections due to cuts and bleeding in your skin. Therefore, a fresh perfect beard look intakes frequent up gradation and change in blades.
Not just having the right equipments can get you a perfect shave, but these small tricks also enhance your total shaving experience to get you the perfect beard look. The availability of right tools along with the right techniques is very much necessary when you opt for a good shave in a hustle bustle situation.
Spending hours in front of the bathroom mirror and regretting the output can never be a good option. Thus, in order to gain confidence for a pleasing personality and a smooth finish look, try out the above mentioned hacks and with no doubts you are sure to love the new pro look!

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