Best Travel Shavers For Men – Light Weight Electric Shaver

Men have always been particular about maintaining their facial hair since time immemorial. They often like to groom themselves by drawing inspiration from the beard style makeovers of their favourite celebrity stars. At first well maintained beards and moustache required lots of time and money and could only be afforded by the aristocrats.

Now with the advent of portable trimmers, the dream of having the perfectly groomed facial hair is at one’s doorstep. With innumerable brands of trimmers offering both style and comfort, it becomes difficult to settle on one product. Here is a list of the best electric travel trimmers of 2020 for you to choose from. This is to ensure that your investment in a lifetime of grooming is worth it.

1. Flyco Rotary Men’s Travel Shaver

Flyco Rotary Men’s Shaver

  • Brand: Flyco
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Ideal For: wet and dry shaving
  • Model: FS377US

Best Product. This is an electric rotary wet and dry men’s razor of rechargeable power type and it is of 8.5x 7.7x 3.1 inches in size. Rated with a power consumption of 5W and battery capacity of 600mAh this razor comes with a 24 month manufactures service.

Flyco travel shaver for men contains three floating precision shaving heads that glides on all four directions to provide proper skin and contour coverage. Its durable motor and smart design including a dual track foil grooms a greater skin area in a small time span. This smart razor also has an easy one touch pop up trimmer that helps you to get a quick trim over your moustache and side burns.

The entire package includes a 3D floating electric shaver, power adapter, travel case, cleaning brush and the shaver head cover. It is an IPX7 high level waterproof wet and dry shaver that could be used with foam, gel or even dry. With an easily detachable and washable head, it can be easily cleaned under the faucet. It also comes with an intelligent time display feature that renders it worth your money.

Flyco electric razor’s advanced LED digital user interface gives an intelligent time display, charge reminder and blade washing reminder. It’s traveling lock and smart locking system ensures safe carriage and avoids getting tampered with. The quick charge facility offers an unmatchable working duration of 90 minutes with just an hour long charge. It has replaceable self-sharpening blades and its advanced anti clip feature prevents cuts and irritation.


  • Floating, contour following blades.
  • double track cutting net
  • 3D floating heads
  • intelligent system
  • Flexing spring buttons


  • quite expensive
  • The pop up trimmer is not as good as the precision razors.

2. Braun Electric Shaver For Men

Braun Electric Shaver For Men

  • Brand: Braun Series 5
  • Shipping Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Ideal For: wet and dry shaving
  • Model: 5145s

Best Runner Up. This model of Braun Series 5 comes with a precision trimmer and skin sensitive technology. The product is made in Germany and is of 2.7x 6.1x 8.7 inches in size. It also has a two year warranty and a 100 day guarantee.

This product is a part of the intelligently engineered Braun series 5 electric shavers. Its German technology consists of an auto sensing motor that analyses the hair texture and adapts to your skin accordingly. The flexible head of this trimmer moves in 8 directions and provides maximum skin coverage. Its two sense foil blades have almost 900 perforations to give you the best possible close shave.

The special act lift trimmer at the centre removes the hard to reach pesky hair that grows in all directions. Like all shavers conforming to the Braun series 5, this model too has a cleaning centre that automatically cleanses and lubricates the shaver. The shaver uses lithium ion battery. It comes in a package including a charger (bcord and adapter), a travel case and a brush situated at the bottom.

This travel shaver’s quick charging facility takes only one hour to charge up and runs nonstop for the next 50 minutes. It also contains an LED three level battery indicator to analyze your running time and charging time. Its enhanced sonic technology helps to raze or trim more hair in a quick shave. The contour flex head adapts to undulated contours of the face and neck and provides maximum skin contact. The shaver’s high quality built in precision trimmer is suitable for exact grooming and proper styling.


  • Contains auto sensing motors.
  • Eight direction comfort head.
  • Actilift trimmer for flat lying hair.
  • Water resistant.
  • Skin sensitive technology.


  • Does not function while plugged in charge.
  • Very expensive.

3. Thjh Mini Electric Shaver

Thjh Mini Electric Shaver For Men

  • Brand: THJH
  • Shipping Weight: 180g
  • Ideal For: shaving and grooming
  • Model: KE1305001

Best Product under $20. THJH mini electric shaver is of 2.5x 2x 0.8 inches in size. It contains a type-c charging interface and needs to be charged overnight for a running time of 45 minutes. The mini trimmer requires only the global voltage of 110V/240V for charging.

The THJH mini shaver is specially designed for teenage boys and young men. Its tough stainless steel blade along with its integrated molding process is suitable for tender skin and removing fine hair. This portable travel for men shaver comes with a travelling bag and a USB charge-line of twenty CM. It is skin friendly and has a power motor of 8500 RMP to enable a quick and smooth shave. The electric trimmer is both a wet and dry shaver and can be easily washed under a faucet.

Its precision trimming technique easily glides on your skin saves you from unnecessary nicks and cuts. The fine rust proof blades of this electric razor are covered with a stainless steel net for smoother effect. This THJH mini trimmer can be charged with a type c charger therefore you can charge it with your cellphone charger itself.

No need to waste money on buying an additional charger. The press power button at the center also has an indicator light that makes charge analysis easy. This waterproof mini trimmer also comes with a travel pouch for safe conveyance.

This compact electric trimmer is very light weight, easy to use and is decent on the skin. It is a waterproof and cordless razor which provides painless shaving and can also be used for body hair removal.


  • USB rechargeable
  • high speed motor
  • wet and dry shaver
  • easy activation
  • cordless and washable


  • low battery life
  • Inflexible and stationary blades.

4. Suprent Electric Foil Shaver For Traveling

Best Suprent Electric Foil Shaver in 2020

  • Brand: Suprent
  • Shipping Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Ideal For: quick clean shave
  • Model: EF215S

Best value for money. A stainless steel four bladed electric razor for men, Suprent foil shaver is of 2x 2.4x 5.9 inches in size.This electric razor requires a power input of 5V 800mA and its output power range is 14500 500 mAh lithium, 3.7V. It also comes with a 12-month free replacement warranty and an amicable customer service.

Suprent electric razors have a flex 3-blades system that includes two cellular foils and a cut trimmer. Three of the blades float independently for super smooth movement over undulated skin, finely contoured jawline and cheekbones. This travel shaver for men is entirely fashioned out of German technology and comprises 420 stainless steel blade imported from Germany. It is safe on the skin and gives a clean and quick shave.

This precision trimmer’s built in high capacity lithium ion battery can work nonstop for 70 minutes when charged for eight hours. This four bladed stainless steel foil shaver also has a push up trimmer situated at its back.

The package comes with a cleaning brush and charger and so you don’t have to spend extra for its maintenance. It has a safe travel blocker which is a unique sliding lock that protects your trimmer from getting switched inside your suitcase.

The razor is also equipped with foil and shaving head locking buttons this model of Suprent razors is Water resistant and can be used for both wet and dry shaving and trimming. It can be easily cleaned by holding it under a faucet. Its pivot and flex feature helps it settle over your skin and provides a close fitting shave.


  • Independently floating blades.
  • Two layered cellular foils.
  • Fast charging facility enabled.
  • Charging indicator.
  • User friendly design.


  • Not very quick on coarse hair.
  • Push up trimmer difficult to monitor.

5. Remington Foil Travel Shaver

Remington Foil Travel Shaver For Men's

  • Brand: Remington
  • Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Ideal For: Beard, moustache and hair
  • Model: TF70CDN

Cheapest Product in the List. A Remington titanium shaver weighs around is of 2.5x 3.2x 4.3 inches in size. It is a battery operated trimmer and works best with Polaroid AA batteries. This stainless steel dual blade trimmer comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and a two year limited warranty.

Remington TF70CDN is a compact shaver has a smart design involving two durable foils for best results. The blades underneath are of surgical steel criterion and offers a safe and clean shave on the go. Its battery compartment is situated at the bottom and is easily replaceable when the need arise.

This cordless shaver is best suited for your travel kit for its hassle free usage and easy cleaning features. Its f2 series has all the basic features of a standard Remington trimmer and ensures a smooth shave and a perfect groomed look. Remington f3 comfort series on the other hand comes with an ergonomic design to allow proper grip and easy handling. This efficient and compact product is reliable enough for daily use and provides you with a smooth shave in no time.

The travel foil shaver has an in-built travel lock. This secure switch prevents the device from getting accidentally switched on while travelling. It comes with an integrated plastic head guard that covers the foil therefore preventing damages of all kind. With batteries that only need to be charged every 3-4 weeks, Remington works longer compared to other travel shavers. It also houses a mini brush below the secure switch which makes cleaning this compact trimmer easier.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Replacement parts are easily available.
  • Dual foil technology.
  • Surgical steel blades.
  • Flexible foils for maximum skin contact.


  • Ineffective on thicker and coarse outgrowths.
  • Weak motor.

6. Braun Mobile Shaver M60

Braun Mobile Pocket Shaver M60

  • Brand: Braun MobileShave
  • Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Ideal For: Shaving and hair removal
  • Model: M60B

Most flamboyant design. The M60 version of Braun mini trimmer series is of 1.5x 3.1x 5.2 inches in size. It is an electric trimmer with two inbuilt double A batteries, with a life span of 60 minutes after charging. This compact trimmer is water resistant and offers easy cleaning after shaving.

The Braun mobile shaver M60 comes with a flexible wide floating smart-foil that easily moves across undulated skin. This mini electric razor is washable and it also comes with a twist cap that not only protects the razor but also provides a better grip.

If you are troubled with unruly and pesky facial hair, then this particular trimmer is your solution. This model also comes with a double sided brush to make the already easy cleaning even more efficient. The easy replaceable batteries and a reasonable battery life enable you to travel with it on a daily basis. This men’s little travel trimmer with its close shave and neat grooming propensities will give you a salon style on the go.

Its smart design involves a flip cover that prevents it from getting switched on by accident inside a suitcase. This electric razor is made of materials that last very long and does not require replacements anytime soon. A low maintenance trimmer, it is also immune to accidents and can be easily used under the shower. It is definitely more efficient than the normal twin blade razor and provides a cleaner and quicker trim/shave. Gentle on the skin, its daily use will prevent your hair from bemoaning coarse and hard.


  • Replaceable parts easily available at certified stores
  • Washable.
  • Inclusive of sideburns clipper.
  • Affordable rate.
  • Versatile and strong.


  • Ineffective on coarse hair.
  • Weak motor.

7. Braun M90 Mobile Shaver Full Portable Trimmer

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

  • Brand: Braun Mobile Shave
  • Shipping Weight: 6.9 ounces
  • Ideal For: dry shave, beard and moustache
  • Model: M90

Best mini Foil and flexible Shaver. The Braun portable mini trimmer series is of 1.5x 3.1x 5.2 inches in size. This rechargeable trimmer has two AA batteries and its plug format is ‘A’ with an average battery life of two hours. It comes with a two year warranty which excludes the foil and cutter back wear and tear.

Its stainless steel foil is hypo allergic and does not cause rashes as compared to local razors. Fashioned for dry trimming, this shaver does not require shaving foams, gels or creams and offers a hassle free quick groom. It is designed so as to reach all the nooks and crannies of your face and it also gently works over wrinkled skin.

This mini trimmer comes with a wide floating foil that brushes close to your skin to give a clean smooth shave. The precision trimming feature contains an extendable neck that allows exact trimming of side burns and moustache. Braun m90 comes with a twist cap that covers and protects the foil when not in use.

Its smart flexible smart foil automatically adjusts to the contours of your face capturing hair growing on all directions. The Braun mobile shave, powered by easily replaceable batteries has an easy plug in facility. This portable trimmer is a low maintenance product that offers a tidy trim or shave, on the go. Its protective cap can be opened with a twist and has an on/off switch up for easy switching on. This compact and portable shaver can be relied on for daily usage.


  • No risk of skin irritation.
  • Easily replaceable blades and foils.
  • Works on coarse whiskers.
  • It is waterproof and fully washable.
  • Doesn’t require a docking station.


  • Trimmer blade is only half an inch wide.
  • Slightly expensive.

8. Panasonic Men’s Shaver For Travel

Panasonic Men’s Shaver For Travel

  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Shipping Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Ideal For: stubble trimmer
  • Model: ES-RS 10-S series

Most light weight product. Panasonic Men’s shaver for travel is of 3x 2.7x 1.2 inches in size.This portable battery operated trimmer requires two AA batteries and is meant for dry use only. Made and shipped from japan, this pocket trimmer has a high battery life and is best suited for daily use.

The Panasonic men’s shaver comes with a screen that is easily glides on skin. Also the screen guards your skin by only letting the hair permeate though its fine perforations and reach the razor underneath. This razor beneath the screen has multiple blades that trim even the finest strand of hair. Like most Panasonic portable gadgets, this mini trimmer too has a sliding on/off switch.

It comes with a mini double sided brush, for cleaning the blades as well as the fine mesh like screen that covers it. Because of its easily replaceable batteries, this mini trimmer lasts longer than the chargeable ones. It is a dry trimmer that does not require any shaving gel or foam.

The Panasonic men’s shaver is a small and light weight trimmer that fits in your pocket and is a suitable travel companion. Since it is battery operated and does not require constant charging or a docking station. It’s inclusive of a fine double-sided brush that can be used to clean the close-grained screen and blades on the go.

Hassle free and dry and does not require cleaning with soap or water. The hair it gathers inside can be easily brushed off or blown away. One of its best features is the strong rust proof blade that is skin friendly and reduces risks of irritation.


  • Compact product.
  • Contains brush for cleaning.
  • Low-maintenance.
  • Strong and durable blade.
  • No plugin requirement.


  • Prone to water damage.
  • Spare parts are pricey and rare.

9. Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver

Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver

  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Shipping Weight: 5.4 0unces
  • Ideal For: close shave, wet or dry
  • Model: ES3831K

Best ergonomic profile. This cordless trimmer is of 2.2x 4.3x 6.6 inches in size and its portable product operated by two AA batteries. Its motor blade speed is of 8500 RMP which is a highly durable variety. This travel shaver’s Inner blade is bent at an angle of 78 degrees and is safe on skin. Covered with a fine stainless steel net, this shaver gives a smooth and close shave without the risk of skin irritation. This product comes with a one year limited lifetime warranty.

This model of Panasonic trimmers has a special ergonomic design for a better grip. Its smart angular inner blade and stainless steel screen ensures a safe and non-irritating shave. Its contoured shape and curved screen helps to move easily over undulated skin and offers a well groomed look. It’s floating micro thin stainless steel blade works wonders on coarse whiskers and perky out-growth and eliminates them in 1-2 glides. The electric shaver is waterproof and can be used for both wet and dry grooming purposes.

Panasonic ES3831K electric shave uses local alkaline batteries which can be easily procured anywhere and everywhere. It also comes with a travel pouch making it easier to carry around while travelling. Since it is water-resistant it can easily be washed under a faucet.

This Chinese product also contains a cleaning brush which helps to brush away difficult hair stuck in the blade or the screen.With built-in precision blades, this sleek men’s travel razor is powerful and efficient enough to shave the scalp as well.


  • Water resistant.
  • Floating head offers comfortable shave.
  • Structured for easy grip.
  • Powerful and effective motor.
  • Replacement or refund if defective.
  • Very high battery life.


  • Expensive.
  • Spare-parts cost more than the razor itself.

10. Remington Heritage Series Shaver, Titanium

Remington Heritage Series Shaver Titanium Body

  • Brand: Remington
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Ideal For: wet and dry shaving; trimming
  • Model: HF9000

The most glamorous product. This classic Remington travel shaver is of 9.2x 6.4x 3.3 inches in size and conforms to the new age foil shaver technology. This shaver is designed to provide you with antiquity inspired designs and all the features of a standard compact shaver. With lithium rechargeable battery, this Remington model is a hybrid model that can be used both with and without the cord. It is a classic inspired product that has a retro look and comes with the vintage toggle switch.

It is made of superfine cast metal that helps to execute its shaving performance efficiently and renders the shaver durable. The smart technology of this shaver allows maximum skin coverage it its duel lift logic flexing foils. This lithium powered product requires a charge time of two hours for a run time of 60 minutes.

Its multi directional foil pattern fits and reaches all curves of your face and also works on shortest hair. Its hybrid intercept shave technology guards the skin by pre trimming the thicker and coarser hair for a gentler shave.

The heritage Remington trimmer can be used for both quick-dry shave and with shaving creams and gels for a cleaner look. It is also equipped with a pop up trimmer that is equally efficient on side burns and thereby provides a detailed groomed look.

This heritage series product comes with a premium travel pouch, a micro USB charging cable and adapter, protective head guard and cleaning brush. This all inclusive pack makes this shaver/trimmer most convenient product for travel.


  • High performance power.
  • Works on worldwide voltage.
  • Can be used while plugged on charge.
  • Lift logic shaving technology.
  • Fully washable.


  • Time consuming process.
  • Blades and foils get clogged over time.


With the increasing fast paced life of men, travel shavers are the need of the hour. Proper groomed styles and tidied facial hair are now a necessity for both personal and work life. A scenario such as this calls for compact and portable electric razors that not only gives you a quick shave but also grooms you to fit any occasion.

The above given list of travel shavers for men include a wide range of products. From smart technology to high battery life, all the products have one or the other attribute that will suit every man. So hurry!and grab your favourite pick from the list and bring home one of the best shavers of 2020.


Q1. What kinds of travel shavers are available in the market?

Ans. travel trimmers are crafted with regard to their utility.They may be single screened, dual foiled, single and multiple bladed and so on. According to these factors you may select an electric trimmer that suits your hair type.

Q2. How to clean and maintain a compact trimmer?

Ans. the new age travel trimmers are hassle free and low maintenance. The dry shavers may be brushed or blown to remove hair. The water-proof variants can be easily washed under a faucet.

Q3. How often should you change your trimmer?

Ans. the durability of a travel shaver depends on the brand that you buy. Some may go on for ever with proper oiling and cleansing. The cheaper varieties should be changed every three months.

Q4. How are travel shavers powered?

Ans. travel shavers need to be charged with USB and adapter once it runs out of charge. Some travel shavers are powered by replaceable alkaline batteries and work till the batteries die out.

Q5. How long does it take to charge a travel shaver?

Ans. a standard travel shaver normally takes around 60 to 90 minutes to charge and varies in different brands. The quick charge facility in modern trimmers can fully charge a trimmer in 30-40 minutes.

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