How To Keep Your Beard Clean | Care And Maintenance Tips

Importance of Beard Cleaning
Growing a beard might be an easy task, but maintaining it can be challenging. You have to be thoroughly active and ready to give your whiskers the desired time they deserve at regular intervals.

Facial hairs are no different from the head hairs—if not properly maintained, one has to face consequences such as dandruff, itching, patches, etc. Therefore, it is essential to keep them clean.

So we will tell you about how to clean beard. These are the points you must look after to keep your beards clean and well-groomed:

1. Wash Well & Be Regular

Hairs need to be washed adequately—no matter where they are. If not done so, they will become stinky and unbearable to survive in society. The same with beards as well—in fact—it won’t be wrong to say that they need a little bit of extra care in comparison to those hairs on your head.

Using a beard shampoo and conditioner would be a decent idea.


  • Take a small amount of shampoo onto your hand and shuffle it between your hands until the foam appears.
  • Put that foam into the beard way down to the skin by rubbing thoroughly.
  • Let the matter hold for a few seconds or a minute, then wash them all out.
  • Dry it out or leave it to get dried.
  • Use beard shampoo two to three times a week.

Some men use the hair shampoo on the beard too, but we suggest you avoid doing this, as that shampoo for head hairs is full of chemicals, and beards rest around the mouth—and you don’t want to taste the chemicals. Right? Bad for health!

The usage for the beard conditioner is same as the shampoo. We recommend you to use it not more than once or twice a week.

2. Moisturize

You need to keep the beards moisturized so that they don’t look dry and pale. To keep them sleeky—you have to gain that feat by nourishing and serving the required nutrients to the hairs.

For that, you can use beard oil and beard balm.


Get the beard grooming products from the various available options in the market—online-offline. Pick as per your need and budget. You’ve to choose something balanced which has everything effective and efficient in a no more no less quantity.


  • Take a few drops of the oil or a small amount of balm on the palm.
  • Rub both hands together to scatter the matter.
  • Apply the same on the facial hairs and massage well.
  • Washing isn’t necessary right after. You should keep it for at least an hour to let the hairs consume their food. But still, in case you feel uncomfortable—you can wash it after an hour or so.

3. Combing

Combing is the after part of both of the above points: you can comb the whiskers after washing and moisturizing so that they can get settled and look good.

4. Brushing

It’s an essential part of grooming beard —you should time to time brush your facial hairs to keep them dust-free, clean, and sorted. If you have a long beard—it is advisable to brush after a meal, uncovered outing, and storm.

5. Trimming

Trimming brings style, shape, and definition to your beard. You must include it in your weekly routine—it not only helps keep the beard clean but also keeps them groomed and updated.
Neckline and cheek lines should be the most focused parts while you trim.

6. Keep Your Face Clean to Keep Your Beard Clean

Your face shouldn’t be sweaty and immersed in dirt and pollutants. Wash it twice daily as well as massage while you wash to drive the hair follicles. This way, the beard will look clean and healthy.


So earlier, we talk about the importance of growing a beard and tips for wearing a beard at work—now, cleaning which is an integral part of the beard grooming and growing. Keep them clean, let them win.

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