7 Best Back Shavers For Men

Regain your self-confidence with a smooth hairless back! No, you don’t need to spend dollars in the parlour or waste time struggling with your age-old razor. The modern back shaver razor reduces all the hassle. They feature super long handles, with super grip and great blades for that efficient and smooth shaving at home.

Best Back Shavers For Men

Reveal your back without any hindrance and be the stud in the party. The back shavers give great technique to completely smoothen your back anytime as they are easy to use and are also cost-effective. This list offers an amazing option to choose from 7 best back shavers for men.

1. BAKblade 2.0 PLUS – Best Value for Money

BAKblade 2.0 PLUS Back Shavers

Getting that perfectly clean look is every man’s dream. For that stud look whether you have your shirt on or off, a perfect clean shave is the need of the hour. While shaving off your beard and moustache, is a cakewalk, getting that unwanted growth from the back is not quite easy. A visit to a parlour takes up both time and money! For getting that wonderful experience of a neat and tidy look as you walk into the party with a front open shirt, the BAKblade offers an amazing product.

The back shaver offered by this brand is just the perfect item to add to your shaving kit. Get that close-shaven, clean back with just one or two strokes with DRYglide blade. Featuring an easy to use the ergonomic handle, the BAKblade reduces your back-shaving time to get that clean look. Your grooming sessions are now brought to your home with this smooth and easy to use apparatus.

Get yourself completely tidied up with the ergonomically designed handle, made just to make the work easy for you. You can literally shave the entire back on your own either during your bath hours or just before you head out to the party.

All the confidence is restored as you get to use this apparatus from BAKblade, at your own house. So, no more parlour appointments before your scheduled party. This device needs no batteries, so use whenever required without worrying of recharging the razor. The handles are long enough to reach out to the farthest corner of your back. Your lower back, upper back and shoulder area can be reached out at ease using 2.0 Plus. For the next buy, all you need to know about this product are:

  • It features BAKjacket scrubbing sleeves
  • Easily changeable blades
  • A black cartridge cleaning brush
  • Their special DRYglide blade cartridges
  • Edison award winner


  • Easy to use with ergonomically designed handles.
  • Shower mount
  • No battery, hence no charging required
  • Handle design for a smooth use


  • Gives sandpaper feel to the skin
  • Caution needs to be taken if there are moles on the skin

2. BRO SHAVER Gorilla Warfare – Best Runner Up

BRO SHAVER Gorilla Warfare Back Hair Shaver

Win the war against the ugly back hair growth with BRO Shaver. It is not only a genuine American brand but is a great and affordable brand of back shaver available in the market. This limited edition product features stainless steel and aircraft aluminum body which works wonders on your skin. Be it a date night or sporting your open back in the party, you can get that smooth shine on the back with this smartly curated product.

The Comfy Cloud technology available in this item ensures that your skin is completely free from irritation after shaving. You can comfortably get a clean, close shave with the smartly designed blades either wet or dry. Hence, it is not mandatory that you need to take a wash every time you groom your back. The strong handles are the longest you can get in the market; they are not only conveniently priced, but it is the best that you can get!

The handles are long enough to reach the entire surface of your back smoothly. It gives the most painless, comfortable, easy and spontaneous shave you can ever imagine. The smoothness is comparable to any parlour visits that might burn a hole in your pocket.

The razors are of great quality, and the blades are aptly priced, and they contain 15 stainless steel blades which can easily accommodate 10 fresh blades change. The blades are of premium quality stainless steel making the grooming sessions faster and easy on pockets. There is no refill rip off! The double edge razor blades give that amazing experience as you swiftly glide it on your back. It gives a protected and comfortable shave that you can never think of achieving at home. As you decide on opting for this great razor, have a look at its features:

  • It has a paracord
  • 15 stainless steel blade which is double-edged and of premium quality
  • Ensures both dry and et shaves
  • Long and well-designed handles for reaching all ends
  • No more rip-off


  • Conveniently priced
  • Gives comfortable shaving experience
  • Very fast and smooth
  • Double-edged razor blades
  • Easy loading with Tension grab


  • Doesn’t have two shave settings
  • Lacks detachable shaving head

3. BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver – Best Brand

Bro Shaver Back Hair Shaver Best Brand

With a convenient design and low-cost blades, this works smoothly on your skin, keeping you confident. You will definitely have that good feeling getting rid of that unwanted hair outgrowth. It is definitely not ideal for spending the entire day getting your back shaved. BRO will effectively help you to get the clean and smooth shave in just a few minutes. It gives a clean, fast and smooth shave whenever you want, simply as it functions both wet or dry!

If you are tired of buying the highly-priced replacement blades, BRO is your ideal mate. It gives a double edge blade, and you can simply turn over the other side as it lacks the sharpness. The high-quality stainless steel blade keeps you away from all skin irritations even when you are using it on the dry skin! It gives an all-round comfort as you invest in this extremely premium brand. Back shavers from this brand are just outrageously fast, so you can get rid off back hair in minutes and you’ll look all good and confident.

Worried about the blade quality? The blades are properly sterilised, and you get absolutely sealed blades on purchase. Hence, no worries of getting any infection. You get that great functionality on your own. For all the independent men there, you simply don’t need to rely on the parlour for your waxing expedition.

This back shaver gets easy on your pockets, and you get to enjoy Stainless steel bolts, knife handle grip and Supercar design! Still not satisfied? The brand promises a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days if they fail to serve you what they promised. Besides, you’ll definitely get one year warranty on the purchase you make. You can return the product if you are dissatisfied with the purchase, without any hindrance. Hence, BRO boasts of:

  • Great and efficient reach with handle measuring 22 inches
  • Easy and fast loading with Tension Grab
  • Great Adjustable cutting edge up to 4.5 inches
  • 15 Premium quality stainless steel blade with double edge
  • Proficiently works on both dry and wet skin


  • Professional design of the razor
  • Fast shaving technology
  • Irritation free skin
  • Compatible with both dry and wet shave
  • The great grip of the handle


  • No detachable shaving heads
  • Available only in grey colour

4. MANBLADE PRO – Best Overall Back Hair Shaver

Manblade Pro Best Overall Back Hair Shaver

Manblade Pro comes with a host of great features. This brand of back shaver features the extraordinary characteristic of Roll and Shave. Don’t get embarrassed to unbutton your shirt this summer, as you bask in the sunny beach. Manblade Pro is the best choice to revive your confidence. Reignite that spark with your partner as you get the smooth shave with the high-quality razor blades. The blades are super effective in getting rid of all those growths on your back which demands great price in the parlour treatments.

The Roll and shave technology featured by this product is amazing as it swiftly glides on your back and rips off the hair completely. Giving that close and smooth finish, you can slide them without any stress of getting injured. Hence, no more seeking your partner’s help for shaving your back! You can take up the task in your own hand with this super easy to use the device. It also has Wide Glide blades measuring as huge as 6 inches. This feature enables you to swiftly glide on a large area of your back and shave off large amounts with one simple stroke.

Hence, your shaving experience becomes much faster with this improved back shaver version. The refill system really makes the experience smooth as you can put any double-edged blade in case you need replacement. So, no more spending money on expensive blades as this razor can accommodate blades of any brand. Changing the blades is super easy following these steps:

  • Get your bolts unscrewed
  • Remove the protective cover of the blade
  • Install the blade of your choice
  • Slide on the cover and screw on the blots

Thus, Manblade is super easy to use and features some of the amazing characteristics which will give you the ease of use and comfortable technology keeps you hooked on to this product. The handle has a super grip which conveniently helps you to use it easily.

  • Rubber grip for spontaneous use
  • 6 inches wide glide blade giving wide range coverage
  • 2 feet long handle to cover a wide stretch
  • Roll and Shave technology helps to glide smoothly on your back


  • Ease of use
  • Fits double-edged blade of any brand – universal razor refill
  • Rubber handle for easy grip
  • Double-edged blade


  • More budget-friendly options are available
  • Avoid using on moles and blemishes

5. NewLifeStore DIY Back Shavers – Best Under $25

NewLifeStore DIY Back Shaver Best Under $25

This is a boon to all men, who are tired of the hair growth on their back. Getting rid off them off is not only expensive but time-consuming if you head to the professional. This DIY back shaver is a wonderful gift all the personality conscious guys The advanced technology involved in the creation of this back shaver is really mindboggling. A perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend or brother, it can simply shave off all the unreachable corners on your back easily.

To add to this feature is the smooth and close shave that it offers. You can manage to get yourself groomed all by yourself just while taking a bath. Simply wet your back with water or regular soap, and get the privilege of a smooth and shaven back for your next date night! Don’t get stressed with foam, as it works perfectly fine with any wet soap. The blades are designed in such a way that you can get completely stress free about any irritations, which are common side effects of shaving.

The NewLifeStore product is indeed a perfect choice to eliminate all the unwanted hair on your back. The long-handle is designed specifically to ensure that you have a strong grip, while you roll it on your back. It can be easily glided on the farthest corners using the long handles provided.

The middle and lower back are often the most difficult to reach. This is a boon to the man’s world that enables you to reach out to all the areas of the back so that you can walk down the ramp bare-bodied. The safety blades are a bonus feature which gives all-round protection.

While you try to shave off fast, these safety blades prevent any unwanted cuts or injuries that might occur. So, you can relax and get your back groomed by clipping off all those growths. Thus, in all, this DIY back shaver is indeed a great addition to the modern grooming tools for men. It boasts of:

  • A handle which can be adjusted from 14 inches to 19.5 inches to shave different parts of the body
  • Perfect, clean and smooth shave to the back
  • Blades which are designed for the purpose
  • Special design with good quality blades long handles with easy grip facility
  • Wide safety blade which measures 4 inches


  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable handles
  • Seamless blades for a smooth cut
  • Convenient pricing


  • Cannot be used on dry skin
  • Should be kept away from kids

6. EASACE Back Groomer – Cheapest Amongst All

Easace Cheapest Back Groomer

This moderately priced back shaver is definitely the best option if you are planning to eliminate your back hair. This is not only comfortably priced but has features which are an amalgamation of benefits. This razor is the perfect choice for all men, who are stressed due to the clumsiness posed by your back hair. It is often disgusting to sport that white linen shirt with a great amount of hairy outgrowth. All, that you generally resort to is waxing. While it might seem convenient, a lot of time is wasted in the process.

Giving an exact feel of smooth and polished skin, the ESACE groomer is perfect for different types of skin. It has an adjustable handle making it easy for you to reach out to different parts of the body easily. The blades are safe, giving a fast shave whenever you are in a hurry.

Modern-day back grooming is just a matter of minutes as you can use these both in wet or dry situations. Carry them to your office tour or trip with your partner, and get yourself groomed anywhere. The shaver is designed from ABS plastic, making it firm and sturdy. The light steel used in this product has a coating making it waterproof. So, no stress of rusting the steel. The waterproof technology helps you to use the blades for a longer amount of time until they are blunt and require replacement. Otherwise, the problem of wearing them off is absolutely negligible.

This super design halves the cost of your refill. The double-edged design also makes it cost-effective. Besides, this brand offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase they make sure that you get back all your penny. Hence, this is the best buy with the following specifications:

  • Comes with ten refill razors
  • The alternate shaving head is provided
  • A great quality anti-rust steel
  • High-density foam is used
  • Waterproof handle is accompanied by a hanger strip


  • Absolutely painless shave
  • Easy on the pockets
  • Gives a comfortable shave
  • Unique and waterproof design
  • Adjustable handle for multipurpose use


  • Very sharp, hence keep out of reach of children
  • Don’t use it on moles

7. baKblade 1.0 – Amazon Choice Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver

baKblade 1.0 Amazon Choice Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver

Are you tired of your hairy body? No issues, the original baKblade 1.0 is here at your service to give the finest shave of your life. Whether you have a layer of thick hair or some patchy clusters on your back, this high-quality razor will clean it up with easy. For a super convenient, smooth and absolutely painless shaving experience, you have to pot for this amazing product. The brand exclusively curates this product as one of the premium grooming technologies for your unwanted back hair.

It is often embarrassing to sport that open back in public, courtesy to your back hair. All these troubles are eliminated as you get the chance to get a clean and smooth shave at home with ultra convenience. Whether you are in for a bath or want a shave just before your date night, this amazing technology glides efficiently on the back without creating any injuries. The Patented DRYglide technology used in this back shaver enables it to function spontaneously even on a super dry skin surface.

Hence, you are completely devoid of the tension of any unwanted irritation on your back due to the shaving. While the facial razors are designed to create a flexible environment, the baKblade is specifically curated, keeping in mind the idea of creating flexible blades. This suggests that you can either utilize it without a lubricating shaving gel or can even use it as per your choice!

The easy and pain-free shaving experience is imparted by controlled razor flexibility. This ensures that the friction between the razor and the skin surface less rigid and very light. The coarse hair on your back is easily given a close shave by this premium technology involved in making this razor. Hence, without further doubt, baKblade 1.0 deserves to be a part of your essential grooming kit as they boast of:

  • Wet and Dry shave technology
  • Premium quality blades for a close shave
  • Great pain-free technology
  • Long handle for easy access to the back surface alone
  • Lifetime warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee


  • Smooth, frictionless shave
  • Easy cleaning of coarse hair
  • DRYglide technology
  • Vibrant blue colour product


  • Doesn’t come with extra replacement blades
  • Can be replaced only with 1.0 blades


To destress yourself of going overboard with waxing, these back shavers are a great alternative. Invest once and get the ultimate benefits for years. You can absolutely use them for years and groom yourself with just a meagre expense. By just changing the blades, you can easily use them for months without any hassle.

Hence, it is time that you get self groomed with the help of these amazing varieties of back shavers. No more exorbitant budget or wasting time in the salons. Choose any of them as per your requirement and get great offers on the purchase with lifelong benefits.


Does shaving give longer and thicker hair?

This myth really needs to be busted. It is not at all a sensible fact to claim. The razors efficiently clean off all the unwanted hair from the roots and do not contribute to your hair growing thicker or longer. Thus, you can use a razor to clean off the back hair.

Does back shaver can be used for shaving other parts of the body?

The shavers come with blades suitable for use in any part of the body. However, it all depends if the handles of your back shaver are adjustable or not! If you have handle whose length can be changed, you can definitely use it for other parts.

Can back shaver cause injury?

Well, the back shavers with safety blades are completely safe for use. They absolutely cause no injuries and glides swiftly on your back. So, you cost-effectiveness does not worry about any injuries if your back shaver comes with a seamless and safety ensured blade.

Do I have to change blades every time I use it?

No, it is not mandatory to change the blades as long as they maintain their sharpness. Refill or replacement of blade is required once it fails to shave off all the hairs smoothly in or two strokes. The back shavers’ functions just like your razor, ensuring that you comfortably shave your back.

Do the blades catch rust?

Most of the blades in these shavers are designed for wet use. The shavers generally have protected and waterproof blades preventing them from getting rusted. Besides, the shavers made of stainless steel are naturally rust-resistant. Hence, you simply don’t need to worry about your blades being rusted.

Do I need to replace the entire shaver?

Not at all. The back shavers are your one-time investment. You can use them for life long with some careful use. All you essentially need is to replace or refill the blades as and when necessary. Back shavers are hence a great budget option for grooming yourself.

Are they portable?

Of course. The back shavers can be easily carried wherever you go in your grooming kit. They form a part of your grooming box and can be carried in a pouch be it a trip with your friends to the beach or on an office trip. Get groomed whenever you want!

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