Why Every Man Should Grow Beard


Since eternity, myths have been revolving around this dilemma whether you should grow a beard or not? Many have come and gone, answered right and wrong—but yet the debate persists. Some believe that beards work as a womanizer, while some think that they are beneficial to the skin—and genuinely both the parties sustain valid views.

Facial hair has always been a highly interesting point of discussion among people who consider them a style statement and others who do not. Today, we are gradually going to hit the stamp on this argument by proving and providing the necessary and satisfactory reasons as to why one should grow a beard.

Let’s pay extra attention to that distinctive hallmark of your masculine body present on your face.

Beards—a symbol of manliness, style, protection, and attraction

Here are the reasons why one should grow a beard:

1. Beards are Healthy

Even science has proven the existence of facial hair on a face is ultimately good for health. Beards not only help the face look hefty but also form a shield around the openings. Therefore, they don’t allow pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to pass through easily. The thicker they are, the better their protection against all forms of allergic reactions. They also delay the process of aging and support you look younger and sturdy—even if you aren’t.

The husky hairs won’t let particles move inside the mouth & nose, and thus—it is practically beneficial to have a beard.

2. Beards are a Blessing to the Skin

Have you ever seen a man covering his face walking down the streets?


Truly! Beards are very helpful when it comes to protecting the skin from the harmful UV effects of the sun, dust & pollution.

Not only this but also they defend the visage from various epidermis problems like acne, spots, irritations, etc. Some researches even show that skin cancer also can be shielded by whiskers.

Beards are packed up with various tasks, and they undeniably perform all of them with ease—a reliable friend of the body.

3. Beards are Attractive

Undoubtedly! If you won’t believe us; ask your female friends and colleagues, and you’ll have the title answered right away. Beards make you look sexier and so produce the opportunities to be caught up by someone.

Following are the pretty good reasons for you to grow a beard:

  • They look classy

  • They attract the opposite sex

  • They define your masculinity

  • They make you hotter among women, and

  • They help you regulate the body temperature during winters

4. Beards Save Time

Do you know that a poll reported that an average British man spends 45 days of his life shaving? It equals to a total of 65,520 minutes and 1,092 hours. Shocking! Right?

Take a moment and think about what you can do in 45 days.

Unquestionably, a lot can be done in this time frame by the well-doers.

So, here we add another reason for you to do not shave and let your beard born and rest on those cheeks.

Shaving irregularly can gift you a pretty much extra time—and a part of it can be utilized to maintain them.

It is also one of the best benefits of growing a beard.

5. Beards Secretly Give Away a Dominating Message to the Females

Let’s don’t hide it anymore and open up & let the truth spread around—women are found whiskers aka beards dominating. And, yes—a lady does like a bearded man over non-bearded, it’s as simple as that—and we believe that only this one reason should be well enough for you to convince yourself to keep a beard.

The growth of beards also resulted in the hormonal capacity of an individual. And this might be the reason for the opposite gender to get attracted to them.

Remember! Longer the hair, better the testosterone level.

6. Beards can be Your Symbolic Style Statement

From Shahid Kapoor to Virat Kohli, Ranveer Singh to Ranbir Kapoor—we all have seen these guys terrifically performing their respective roles in their ravishing beards. And when they can do it, why not you?

Also, cherishing those sharply edged hairs are satisfying and playful. You keep them groomed, they keep you stylish. Step up today and pledge that you will grow a beard to make your style statement.

We think by now you must be thinking about growing a beard, but then comes the next part—how to do it?

So, you don’t worry about that too—we have featured an article on beard growing tips previously which will help you summit this journey.


Guys! So, now you know everything about beard: it’s your game from here, and we know that you’ll win. Just have this in mind all the while that it’s a long term natural process—you have to be patient and give it the desired time. Don’t hurry, you’ll get stressed if you do so—and stress is not suitable for the growth of the beard.

Let it be on its own, you play your part with the required dedication and decency. However, in the end, if you still face issues growing the facial hair—you can consult a dermatologist.

If you’re an adult, it’s kind of essential growing a beard today. You already know its importance.

Thank you for reading down till here. Happy Growing!!

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