7 Foods That Promote Beard Growth

Men are blessed with a brilliant facial feature which enhances their total appearance with giving a masculine texture to the overall structure. Your beard not only just flaunts the better version of you, but it also signifies your particular style statement that you opt for as your identity traits. Be it to impress the high heels party ladies or being the centre of attraction in your squad, the beard shall do that all for your sake.

A beard having brilliant tactics to flaunt your facial look in no time is also capable of innumerable health care benefits that protect your skin from various factors. The beard has beneficial traits such as keeping away allergens and acting as a protector for your nose and mouth, making skin smooth and lustrous, moisturizing the skin underneath, and protecting the skin and body from the ill-benefits of sun rays. But some men may have poor beard growth, no matter whatever the reason, but that certainly is not an amazing thing to experience.

We cannot deny the fact that people start judging your traits on the basis of your appearance and analyze the behavioral aspects accordingly. Therefore it is of utmost priority on your part to look for proper measures that are capable of letting you grow your beard significantly fast. We have come up with the following 7 set of food combinations that are capable of letting you experience better food that promote beard growth faster.


Eggs For Fast Beard Growth

Eggs are such natural products which contain heavy protein element that are totally the supreme option to make your beard hair silkier and enhance the growth extensively. Eggs are totally known for their beneficial elements that act as boon for hair, beard and skin and are widely used by almost everyone for nourishing hair strands and achieve smoothed hair.

The process to use eggs for hair is beating a raw egg and applying the same on wet beard hair. Leave the fluid on your head for 15 minutes and then you can wash your beard with lukewarm water.


Coffee for Beard Growth

If you are a coffee lover, and you are passionate about growing your beard in an accelerating speed, this would certainly be the best way for you to grow your beard faster. Coffee improves your workout schedules in a distinct way. Coffee enhances the testosterone level which in turn facilitates facial hair.

Coffee loving men can now rejoice with knowing this fact as coffee drinking has no longer been just a matter of fun choice, but it involves healthy outlook towards growing facial hair at large. People are unaware of the fact that coffee contains a good portion of antioxidants and implies to a great source of magnesium and these two factors serve a significant purpose of growing more of facial hair in you. In this regard, light and medium roast coffees are capable to deliver more of antioxidants, which do better with enhancing facial hair growth.


Potatoes For Beard Growth

Potatoes are great for facial hair? Yes Sir. Potatoes are blessed with quality carbohydrates and carbohydrates are brilliant and act as the supreme factor in improving levels of testosterone along with DHT that functions as the supreme factor to promote greater facial hair growth.

With attaching good quantity of potatoes in your diet, you can certainly achieve a flourished state of beard growth faster. With eating more of potatoes, you tend to consume more of calories from carbs rather than that of protein. As such it becomes a sure shot of testosterone and DHT hiking up and as a result your facial hair growth is bound to extend in an alarming rate.


Brazil Nuts Foods That Promote Beard Growth

Who doesn’t like nuts when talking about Brazil nuts? The Brazil nuts are one of the most resourceful natural snacks that are readily available in the stores, in spite of the location factor. These nuts are bestowed with high amounts of mineral selenium which are superbly beneficial for skin, hair and beard of course.

With the proper consumption routine of Brazil nuts, which is just 2 nuts per day, you can meet the selenium goal per day that are sure to add value to your every day diet and encourage supreme growth. With following this routine you can surely ensure yourself with a nourished beard growth.


Raisins Promote Beard Growth

Raisins offer that kind of dry fruits which are capable enough to let you experience the best beard growth faster. Raisins are that part of dry fruit genre that are readily available in any person’s kitchen and serve the ultimate factor of growing beard faster in a phenomenal speed rate.

If you have lightly dense beard, you must stop worrying about that now. Because raisins serve as a distinct option that lets you fix your bead growth and gain massive good health for your facial hair. Not much of the people know about the benefits of raisins and its effectiveness on the beard growth. The great thing about raisins is it contains certain elements that are capable enough to enhance testosterone level in men, and thus the faster beard growth is bound to flourish.


Olive Oil To Grow Beard Faster

Olive oil, popularly known as a major hair care ingredient, facilitates extensive facial hair growth and undoubtedly silkier and smoother than ever before. Olive oil works as magic for those who have frizzy facial hair and dryness due to unstoppable styling and busy schedule as it is blessed with such constituents that can do miracles on your facial hair.

Olive oil possesses a great fatty acid ratio which is ideal for generating new levels of testosterone levels and DHT production. It is proven that with more of consumption of olive oil, you can increase your testosterone level which in turn enhances your beard growth. With consumption of olive oil for 2 weeks, your testosterone level can accelerate till 17%, which is something really great. With is qualities such as possessing great amount of antioxidants, olive oil does miracle to your beard.


Orange Juice For Fast Beard Growth

Orange juice can be your best friend if you are living up your life with lesser growth and frizzy beard hair along with uneven facial hair distribution. The easiest of all, orange juice requires very less time to be prepared which involves just taking off the orange peel and mashing it to generate a pulp and extracting fine juice out of it. Orange juice contains high amount of Vitamin C which is greatly beneficial for facial hair growth faster and achieving a dense beard look that is nourished in nature.

A man without healthful beard is hardly attractive. Men have a tendency to run away from healthy food habits to cope up with the vigorous time scheduling of work. Thus, the men facial hair lack in proper food nourishment that leads to unwanted facial hair fall and lack in growth. Men require dense facial hair to flaunt their personality as well as their look and that can be only done through proper food nourishment that involves a many healthy edible items that nurture your beard from the base level.

Your hair not only just requires external products to be looked fabulous, but it also requires extensive food nourishment in order to flourish internally. But using a shampoo and conditioner alone won’t serve the purpose of letting you gain extensive beard growth, some healthy food habits may let you gain superlative degrees of growth. Therefore using natural nourishment doses to your beard scalp is very much required to avoid using chemicals again and again and let your facial hair flourish with natural ingredients. Above are the 7 best food habits of for men that are extensively beneficial for achieving great beard growth.

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