Dear Men,

You may want to miss a date with the girl you love, but you never want to wear anything with an odd color combination.

That’s how colors are essential for your personal and professional life.



Poor men! They got everything except the crucial key – dressing sense. They know how to flirt, but they don’t know how to dress well and right.

The dressing is one of the most significant attributes of a person, and the office is one of those places where it matters the most. Still, many of you have no idea about how to carry yourself to the workplace. But, you don’t have to worry about it anymore as we are here today with some considerably valuable stuff.

No more empty days with zero compliments, also by the end of this story, you will be able to figure out what best suits you regularly as well as occasion wise. So, gear up guys here are the best formal dress color combination for men:

  1. Shade-wise Combinations

Let’s turn back and have a look at evergreen combinations that even our granddads were following and impressing our grandmas. Yeah! It’s light and dark and vice versa.

Here’s nothing you have to ponder upon and scratch your head, just put a shirt with a lighter shade and match it up with its darker counterpart. Easy!

Okay, the simpler version – you can go with a white, beige, sky blue, or baby pink color shirt and tag with a navy blue, camel, electric, or chocolate color pant, respectively.


Also, it can be reversed to form dark & light union – you can pick dark colors for shirts like maroon, purple, dark blue, or black and choose light shaded pants beige, cream, khaki, and gray, respectively.


Color-wise Combination

Set 1 Light-Dark

WhiteNavy Blue
Sky BlueElectric
Baby PinkChocolate


Color-wise Combination

Set 2 Dark-Light

Dark BlueKhaki

  1. Pattern Combinations

In the first point, we have seen the color combinations; now let’s have a look at varieties of patterns you can use to be the hunk at work.


With checkered and stripe patterned shirts, solid-colored pants would do wonders.

And so with checkered and stripe pants, solid and polka dots shirts would be the perfect combination.

Be sure to form lighter and darker shade combinations into pattern format as well.


Pattern-wise Combination

CheckeredSolid Color
StripSolid Color
Polka DotsStripe

  1. All-Time Best Color Combinations

These are the universal color blends for anywhere anytime.

Shirts Trousers


Light Yellow


Light Gray
Light Orange


Navy Blue


Sea Green
Light Pink




Royal Blue

  1. Best Color Combinations for the Office 

Office means formalness. And from behavior to dress code, you should maintain the persona of a gentleman by selecting what is right for the office as well as right for you. So, here are some perfect fits:

Light BlueDark Gray
WhiteDark Gray

  1. Best Dress color Combinations as per the Skin Tone

It is an essential subject when we are talking about clothes and their colors. Skin tone does matter a lot—it can even make or ruin your looks and reputation, and thus it is necessary to know what to wear as per your complexion. Below tables will surely help you decide what is most suitable for you:



  • Fellas with Fair Tone


People with fair skin tone should avoid wearing shiny stuff like orange, yellow, green, etc. And they should adopt the following colors and pairs.

WhiteBlack, Blue
Light BlueBlack, Blue
RedBeige, Blue
BlackBlue, Gray


  • Guys with Average Complexion


One comes in this category should avoid too dark and too light clothes.

BeigeBrown, Blue
WhiteBlack, Blue
BrownBeige, Fawn
BlackBlue, Gray


  • Men with Dark Complexion


People that possess this skin tone should not keep too dark and vivid wearables in their wardrobes.

BeigeBlack, Blue
BlueGray, Navy Blue
KhakiBrown, Black
Dark GrayBlack, Blue
BlueBeige, Brown
BrownBeige, Khaki 



Since you now know the shades—you can now master the art of dressing and be the man of the place and occasion wherever and whenever you go.

To assist you further and better, we are organizing a summarize variant of the above suggestions for you to have a straight and clear picture:


  • Try to balance the colors of upper and lower wears. Remember, the light shades go with dark and so dark with the light.
  • If you are going with patterns—the above bullet applies here as well: lighter patterns with dark solids and vice versa.
  • Learn the magic of these evergreen colors: navy, maroon, blue, white, and black. You can play as well as experiment with these colors; they barely go wrong and fit every event.
  • The best formal clothing colors are white and light blue for shirts pair up with beige, dark gray and blue pants or trousers. As it is about official premises, you need to be extra careful with color combinations—you can’t experiment or wear just anything there.

Keep in mind the suggested articles!

  • Always and always keep your skin tone in mind and dress accordingly. Use the above tables to form pairs and combinations as per your texture.


The Universal Don’ts:

  • Say no to the bright shiny versions of these colors: green, orange, yellow, red, and pink.

Come on! You are not a six years old girl – you are a man, dress like that.

  • You should not wear the dark-dark and light-light colors on upper and lower sides. The touch of colors is vital to bring life in your clothing.
  • Last but not least, a man should never wear too colorful clothes on formal occasions. Professionalism seeks simplicity molded with classiness, and you should adhere to this formula, we recommend.

Dress right, dress well!!


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