Home Remedies For Silky Hair in Men

Despite of the diverse traits of man and woman hair composition. One factor that remains constant for both the fields is maintaining the hair health and keeping them smooth and nourished all day long.

In our day to day lives, Our hair goes through innumerable unhealthy factors that tend to damage and degrade our hair health till an extensive extent. But now, no longer damage. We are here to provide you with the best 12 home remedies to maintain men hair health and achieve ultimate smooth and shiny hair.


Coconut Milk Best Home Made Remedies For Silky Hair

Coconut milk is such a natural resource, found abundantly in all parts of the country, can be used extensively for the well-being of the head wools and achieve smoother and nourished ropes. Not only just nourishing, coconut oil lets new hairs growth on your scalp. It is best home made remedies for silky tresses.


Aloe Vera To Make Your Hair Soft And Silky At Home

For a smooth luster and shine, Aloe Vera is the best that you need to apply on your scalp. Besides giving a lustrous finish, aloe vera prevents loss and also strengthens your roots.

Aloe Vera, largely known for its diverse range of benefits, is super beneficial for head wools and scalp. Massaging gently on your scalp for two times a week can help you achieve smoother and nourished hair.


Neem Paste To Get Silky Hair For Guys Naturally remedies

Neem when added to any product or head wools care material, largely enhances the benefits of the products itself as neem contains high levels of anti oxidants that are capable to hair growth as well as silky hair in men.

Neem paste, not only just manages to make them silky and smooth but it also helps in safeguarding your fur from damage. To enhance the results and fetch more silkiness and smoothness, you can add honey and olive oil to the neem paste for superlative outcome.

4. EGG

Eggs To Get Silky Hair For Men remedies at home

Eggs are such natural products which contain heavy protein element that are totally the supreme option to make your hair silkier. Eggs are totally known for their beneficial elements that act as boon for tress and skin and are widely used by almost everyone for nourishing strands and achieve smoothed ropes.

The process to use eggs for hair is beating a raw egg and applying the same on wet threads. Leave the fluid on your head for 15 minutes and then you can wash your head wools with lukewarm water.


Fenugreek Seeds To Make Hard Hair Soft Straight

You can get smoother and nourished head ropes by the help of fenugreek seeds. All you need to do is soaking two to three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water for eight to ten hours that will soften the seeds in order to be applied on the head ropes.

The second step involves making a fine paste of the soaked seeds and then applying it gently on your scalp. The mixture facilitates proper growth and checks growth and the prevention of dandruff at the same time.


Avocado Banana Mixture For Shiny Hair

Avocado is also the miraculous product of the nature that enables you to have sleak and silky hair. The procedure requires making a mixture avocado and mashing it with banana. Later all you require to do is massaging the mixture on your scalp and leaving it for about half an hour. Remember, while washing off, use lukewarm water for a healthy and thick fibers.


Orange Juice To Set Silky Hair For Guys

Orange juice can be your best friend if you are living up your life with oily scalp and dandruff and frizzy head wools. The easiest of all, orange juice requires very less time to be prepared which involves just taking off the orange peel and mashing it to generate a pulp and then applying the pulp very gently on the tress as a hair pack at least for once a week.


Henna Leaves To Make Your Hair Soft

Henna is the most commonly found natural resource that women use for deep conditioning and coloring of hair. But natural resources cannot just be meant for women. If you are a man and you want to get smooth and nourished naturally. You have all rights to apply henna paste that are made by finely grinding henna leaves and forming a paste and then applying it on the scalp.


Lemon Juice Home Remedies For Dry And Frizzy Hair

Lemon, abundantly found in everyone’s kitchen, has terrific benefits for hair. Lemon juice is very simple to be applied on head wools by just mixing one part of lemon juice with fine coconut oil. Then gently massaging the fluid deep into the roots of the scalp. You can certainly leave the solution for all the night which is really very essential for your silky smooth nourished tresses.


Jojoba Oil To Make Hair Silky For Men's

Jojoba oil, popularly known as a major hair care ingredient, facilitates extensive tresses growth and undoubtedly silkier and smoother than ever before. Jojoba oil works as magic for those who have frizzy hair and dryness due to unstoppable styling and busy schedule as it is blessed with such constituents that can do miracles.


Honey To Get Silky Smooth Hair remedies

Honey is another such natural resource without which a kitchen can never be called a kitchen. If you wish for shiny as well as healthy smooth hair, you cannot help yourself other than trying honey so as to achieve best results with lustrous head ropes.

All you require to do is mixing equal parts of honey and olive oil and rubbing it gently on the scalp. Keep the solution on your scalp for 30 minutes for optimum results and then wash off with lukewarm water.


Coconut With Hibiscus And Curry Leaves For Silky Hair

Wish to have something extra with smooth lustrous hair health? For a healthy, nourished, silky and smooth tresses growth, you must mix coconut oil with that of mashed hibiscus and paste of curry leaves. And then applying gently the mixture onto your scalp along with a mild massage that follows up with leaving it overnight. Gently wash off the mixture and thus a smooth finish is bound to be experienced.

With the enhancement in pollution and unhealthy head wools conditions that revolve around us, it has become more prone to extensive tresses health care. In order to maintain the health meter and minimize the threats that tend to damage the original texture.

We are liable to safeguard our head wools health factors from harmful toxic materials, daily chemical products, heat generating conditions and styling tools. These damages can be undone or prevented with the help of above mentioned 12 home remedy tricks, and lets you revive your old hair strength and luster back for a flawless lively look. Thanks for reading.

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