How To Choose Best Shampoo For Men According Hair Type


Like a crown, they are there at the top—enhancing our confidence, look, and overall personality. Stuffed with several benefits, can be of multiple types, and can be combed in different styles—hairs have always been an essential part of our lives. Unlike female hair, men’s hair is less messy but still needs the right care and guidance to be in good condition.

The Threads of Style

When it comes to styling—hair is one of the most imperative gimmicks which should be well taken care of by the partygoers. And the good part is that almost everybody is already aware and conscious about this side in the process of looking great. But not all know how to look after their hair so that they remain healthful and stylish.

Since you grasp the importance of your hair—you must be willing to know the facts as well, which can be proven a lifesaver to your looks.

The growth of your hair depends upon several external and internal factors such as oiling, shampooing, conditioning, diet, rest, lifestyle, etc.

So, today we are going to talk about choosing the best shampoo for men.

To know which shampoo would be most suitable for you—it’s essential to know your hair type, and once you get that you can choose the cleanser accordingly.

First, let’s check out how many types of hairs are there because for each hair type there’s a shampoo:

Hair Types:

1. Straight and Silky Hair
2. Curly and Dry Hair
3. Wavy Hair

Now hair can be regular, thin, or thick density-wise and length-wise it could be short, medium and long.


How to Choose the Best Shampoo According to the Hair Type:

1. Straight and Silky Hair:

No curls, coils, and mess—are straight hair. However, they too need some extra care and attention.

Care & Complications:

  • Say no to dirt.
  • Don’t let the oil settled on the scalp.
  • Keep them clean

Can be the best shampoo:

Shampoo with the proper amount of moisture and nourishment. Wash them alternatively to keep them clean, silky, and well-moisturized and to keep them bouncy and non-gluey.

2. Curly and Dry Hair:

You often have seen some guys with round-shaped hair that’s curly hair.

Care & Complications:

  • They need a lot of care and moisture.
  • Avoid using a hairdryer.
  • Need to be fed frequently—moisturizing and oiling at every wash should be done regularly.

Can be the best shampoo:

Imagine sticky hairs with excess oil—shit!
You should use a shampoo with more amount of conditioning and more cleaning reagents. Use soft shampoo and conditioner regularly—to avoid over-dryness.

3. Wavy Hair:

Rare type, S-structured hair. They require a lot of hardship to maintain.

Care & Complications:

  • As this type remains close to the surface of your head—it is difficult to give them a shape.
  • Well-conditioning with regular cleaning is required.
  • If you want to give them shape—it takes a lot of hard work and wax.

Can be the best shampoo:

Shampoo with the proper amount of everything moisture, oil, and cleanser.

Above are the hair types depending upon their nature and shape, now have a look at their quality-wise separation.

1. Regular or Healthy Hair
2. Thin or Weak Hair
3. Thick Hair

1. Regular or Healthy Hair:

All good with this type and their thickness are proper and productive. One with such hair feels blessed if cared well.

2. Thin or Weak Hair:

Scalp showers—thinness leads to the visibility of the scalp through the hair. They have a lesser density, and so you’ve to be extra careful with this type. Having a nutritious diet will make the hair healthy and try to avoid chemicalized products and stick with the herbal ones.

3. Thick Hair:

Thick hairs are good, but too thick can be a trouble as they can possess no hairstyle at all.



You can now figure out what hair type you have and what shampoo you need. So on the internet or in the market—shampoos are available for each of the above hair types. And ultimately you have to choose the best shampoo according to your hair type, style, budget, and need. Wish you a healthy hair!

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