How To Pick Right Beard Style For Your Face Shape

Your beard style is that constituent of your facial composition that is capable of performing miracles in case of your total presentation. It comprises of a super skill that shall either enhance your look or degrade it completely with resulting in a diminished identity portrayal.

Best Beard Styles According To Face

It is a matter of great triumph for men who flaunt their outer appearance with a perfect manly look. Be it to ruin and dine the lady gang, or to be the showstopper, the perfect beard style is sufficient to make you look effortlessly ready, in no time.

At the same time, the wrong selection of the style that does not match the presentation and your facial features can ruin the total efforts of looking your best in just within a frisk of seconds. Thus, to look your best with the finest beard style, you must take into consideration some crazy quick points that shall define the best look for you. The process of stubble selection activity can be branched into two steps: Go through the following points that shall reveal the key areas that you need to consider before getting the perfect beard look:

1. Identifying The Face Shape And The Face Length

Identifying The Face Shape And The Face Length

Before proceeding towards selecting any beard style for your face, you must first analyze the facial shape and how the facial features work together for any look. You must first determine that which facial structure facilitates which beard look, in order to minimize the risk of choosing the wrong style. In the initial step, all you require to do is measuring your facial features with a measurement tape and concluding with measurements in the following way.

A. Forehead

For the forehead measurement, you need to measure across the end points of the eyebrows. This implies calculating from the end of one eyebrow till the end of the other eyebrow of the opposite bend.

B. Cheekbones

For the cheekbones measurement, you need to calculate from the peak points of the cheekbones that are allocated under the end corners of eyes.

C. Jaw line

For the jaw line measurement, you are required to calculate from the tip of the chin towards the point below your ears where the jaw angles meet in upward direction. On doubling the output, the jaw line measurement can be easily found.

D. Facial length

For the face length measurement, you are supposed to calculate from the mid-point of the hair line and stretching it towards the tip of chin.

After calculating the measurements of the facial features, you are required to estimate the largest of the features and ascertain with following face profiles. This step helps you to summarize about the facial structure and understand the actual shape that your face belongs to.

i. Oval

Your face comes under the oval category if the face length is longer than the measurement of cheekbones width. In such a feature, often the jaw angle is spherical, rather than being sharp.

ii. Rectangle

Your face comes under the rectangular category, when the face length is the largest of all, leaving the other aspects similar in size.

iii. Triangular

Your face can be rated in this category if your jaw line forms the largest aspect, when compared with both cheekbones and forehead.

iv. Round

You have a round facial structure when the cheekbones and face length measure the same and are larger when compared to forehead and jaw line that are having the similar measurement. You would also observe that the jaw angle is not defined properly and is smooth finished and soft.

v. Heart

Your face is listed under this category when the forehead measurement is larger than that of the measurements of cheekbones and jaw line. In such a feature the chin remains pointed, thus flaunting a triangular look.

vi. Square

Your face can be called as square shaped when all the facial features measure almost the same with a sharper jaw angle.

vii. Diamond

With the largest facial length, your facial structure can be considered as diamond shaped. In addition, the other features must measure in descending form such as the cheekbones, forehead, and then the jaw line, along with a pointed chin.

2. Picking Up The Right Beard Style For The Face Shape

Picking Up Right Beard Style For Face Shape

In this step, we shall unveil the facts through which you’ll understand which pattern of stubble shall suit the nook and peak features of your face.

A. The Oval Face Beard

If your facial features are categorized under the oval shape category, you are fortunate enough to try a many sort of beard styles if compared to the rest of the facial feature classification. Oval shape is a blend of both round features and square edges; as such the variety of styles is widely resourceful.

Apart from trying out all the stubble styles, you should opt for an all time trending classic style that other people really wish to opt for, just as trying a style with neat cheek lines, squared jaw edges, short edges on the sides, along with a cut at the bottom. Some other options include:

  • A mustache that is capable of covering the upper lip.
  • A densely chopped designed, reproducing stubble.
  • A mustache that is pointed downwards with long bar shapes.

B. The Rectangular Face Beard

The rectangular shaped lad doesn’t really have to worry about the beard style to choose from, as this category men are already blessed with the perfect edgy features that are going to rule with a superb pattern. But trying out for triangular and pointed shapes on the chin areas wouldn’t be beneficial on your part.

On getting dense look, heavy and fuller cheek look would portray a wider jaw appearance, thus enabling in scattered attention drawn away from the face generally. For enhancing the features you have in your facial structure, you need to lend some width and you can also try stretching the beard growth till the higher portion of the cheeks. In short, keeping a stubble with shorter bottom and with elongated sides can really emphasize your facial structure. Some other options for you would be:

  • Elongated sideburns that are attached with a broad moustache.
  • A horseshoe moustache with blazing sideburns
  • A thin vertical line of facial hair connecting the chin and lips.
  • No mustache with a beard throughout the chin.

C. The Triangular Facial Beard

The triangular face pattern, mostly the hybrid style, can be a bit tricky to manage with the perfect beard style. With this distinct style of facial structure, nothing that heavy or dense would be appropriate for enhancing the total appearance, rather you can opt for a square edgy beard in the bottom. Also, a blend of moustache with a classic short beard or stubble can do miracles on a triangular shaped face.

D. The Round Face Beard

If your features fall under round face category and match the criteria of this category, you are blessed to have healthy skin texture with lesser requirement of heavy stubble. A large, dense and unfurnished wools would be not working with the facial composition. In order to achieve a smart appearance with perfect impact, try your hands on short beard style that match your plumped up cheeks and gets longer towards the chin for flaunting your look in the best way.

E. The Heart Face Beard

The heart shaped facial structure is just the opposite to the triangular facial structure. In such a facial structure, its always tricky to go for any heavy look, since the bushy beard would do nothing more than just portraying your face even smaller than the actual shape. Thus, you can opt for such a heavy manly look that is designer stubble on the side areas and does not add more burden to your natural bone structure.

If you wish to achieve a rough and tough look, you definitely do not have the option of messing the look with heavy wools, rather you should opt for a beard style that leaves better length towards in the chin and mustache in order to cater more volume and density to your total jaw line.

F. The Square Face Beard

Men are obsessed to achieving an impactful and strong square jaw line and get their hair trimmed in such a way that the facial hair gets them the squared look that they desire. But the square faced men face the trouble of facing the limitations of such a facial structure.

Men belonging to this kind should opt for a style in which the chin area is rounded or triangular to portray, rather than going for a square beard style with distinct sharp edges and angles which wouldn’t be eye-pleasing with a wide jaw line. You can try elongating the chin with goatee style that shall diminish the visibility of thick and broad jawbones, thus generating a sculpted look.

G. The Diamond Face Beard

In such a classification, men have the features such as broadest cheekbones, a narrow forehead along with a narrow jaw line, which are balanced if talking about width. In order to achieve the best beard look, you should keep hair on the chin area to neutralize the cheek bones, yet not going too long on the chin, but you certainly can widen cheek area appearance and the jawbone edges, thus squaring the bottom lower face. Also you can opt for a lighter moustache, providing you with more of emphasis to the cheek areas and jaw line.

The main aim of selecting a perfect beard does not only involve the enhancement of look with perfect trims and cuts, but it also enable blending sharpness and contrast to our face. The diverse variety of facial shapes and structures facilitates different beard styles in order to portray the best. It needs kind consideration on the part of every man that all the facial structures do not facilitate all the stubble styles.

Therefore, it is very important on our part to identify the proper facial structure, and select the proper style that facilitates a fully furnished look for a better presentation. A perfectly trimmed look emphasizes a splendid impact on the people you connect with and let them generate a positive perception about you. Above are the 2 easy quick tips and tricks for an absolute selection and presentation of the beard look.

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