How To Dye Beard Naturally At Home Without Dying Skin

Just as women love to experiment with colors and try out different styles and looks for a better personality presentation and coping up with trend, men too try to experiment with various styles and trends in order to flaunt the best version of them. Gone are those days in which styling and coloring were supposed to be just women’s weapon because now men are even more conscious about the genre.

In the current scenario, when appearance and present ability is all that matters for the first impression, there is no other option than to look your best and by coloring your beard, you can certainly achieve your super trendy new look that can really hold people spellbound.

Getting your beard colored is definitely a tricky decision to make and if you are not totally reluctant about your decision, you should better think about it once again. It may let you invest an extra time for maintenance in the morning after you get your beard dyed. If you are ready to take the extra burden of spending time in the morning, you are ready to go for the phenomenon. So here some tips for How To Dye Beard Naturally At Home Without Dying Skin.

1. Choosing The Dye Style

Choosing The Dye Style

In order to understand which dye shade would suit you better, you must lay down your preferences and wishes in front of your stylist so that you can ensure a better shade suggestion from the expert. Your stylist is your magic who shall be using the mighty tricks and turns of coloring phenomenon to let you experience a superlative degree of the beard color that perfectly suits your personality.

The shade of beard dye doesn’t only have to match your aura and personality, but also needs to go well with your skin color and texture that you are in. As such, a clear discussion needs to happen between you and your stylish, where he shall be analyzing your traits and provide you with the best option to go for.

2. Get A Pro Look

Get A Pro Look To Dye Without Dying Skin

Since you are not a professional colorist, it is not wise on your part to dye your beard on your own without consulting a specialist. Colorists are people who can scrutinize your requirements and needs along with the various factors that are related to your appearance and then get you the best option to proceed with. Going to a salon and getting your beard done is definitely a costlier option to go for, but trust me there is no other full proof guaranteed method of getting your color done other than consulting a colorist.

A colorist, with immense experience of coloring, definitely can suggest you the best customized solution with the perfect color and style. But still if you wish to dye your beard all by yourself, you must go for the following steps:

A. A Little Prep before Beard Dye

You must plan accordingly your activities from 5 days before your beard color procedure as it shall be beneficial on your part to minimize the chances of damage or fadedness. You must judiciously plan for hair bleach and dye, even before you purchase the essentials for the coloring phenomenon.

You must be entitled to staying away from extensive face shower for a few days prior to your color in order to facilitate more of generation of natural oils that shall be beneficial for your beard and scalp and would protect the face wool being a natural barrier from harmful chemicals that are extensively utilized while you get your beard dyed.

B. Gathering The Essentials

For an accomplished dye and a hassle free beard dye procedure, you need the following essential materials. A dye with an oxidant as per requirement, a pair of rubber gloves that is capable of protecting your hands from the color, an applicator which works just like a toothbrush or comb that enables the application of the color to your beard hair, some paper towels or cloth towels that can help you get some aid if color spreads out of the cherished boundary, Vaseline or petroleum jelly to check if your skin needs protection or is free from any skin irritation, an effective tint remover if necessary in any way.

C. Choosing The Product Wisely

Coloring your beard is no way an easy task that would turn positive even with careless approach. As such a wise and careful notion is definitely essential for getting your beard dyed with the superlative outcome possible. Coloring your beard hair can no way be compared to just applying colors and washing it without keeping it monitored throughout.

There are a plenty of hair products available in the market which would range distinctly in terms of color and qualities. You must choose your product quality wisely so as to ensure the best material that won’t harm your beard health and provide nourishment for a healthy beard dye look. You must make sure that you go through the user manual and instructions properly for learning the pros and cons of the product that you are using.

D. Mixing the Constituents

This is the step when you undergo the mixing procedure of the constituents that are in your coloring kit. Read the process properly before you actually get the mixture ready in order to find out the proper ratio of the ingredients for the perfect color paste. Remember, with a disturbed balance of ingredients, you may end up ruining the total output.

E. Test And Try

Since you are not a professional colorist who is well acquainted with coloring of beard almost every day, it obvious on your part to have wrongly mixed the ingredients or have picked up a product package that does not go well with your skin texture or beard hair category. Thus, you must first try out the exact reaction of the product when it touches your hair cells and scalp skin.

Without testing out the product primarily you may end up ruining the whole of your beard hair and damaging at the same time if you have wrongly selected the various aspects. For a small test and try to understand the behavior of the product on our skin, you need to take a tiny area of your face stubble.

The wrong results might include chemical cut that could be an outcome if you leave the mixture on the hair for too long, also quality damages that can be really fatal to your beard hair texture. Make sure that you observe any skin irritation that happens to be felt as a result of applying dye to your beard hair and scalp, and if felt any you must abort the process immediately as more direct contact of the scalp with mixture might give you worse long lasting and bitter results.

F. The Final Dye Move!

After testing and trying out the behavior of the hair dye properties to your beard hair and skin, you are now confident enough to proceed with the mixture that can be used reluctantly for coloring the whole of your stubble. You must note down in the previous step the time that was consumed to achieve the particular cherished color contrast, so that you can understand the time that is required to color the whole of the beard wool and achieve the desired result all again.

The only way to achieve the best even look is to apply the solution evenly on the different sections of hair strands. Rinse your wools thoroughly in order to get away with even a bit of the product.

3. Protect! Love! Nurture!

With coloring, it is sure on your part to experience damage and dryness that are enough to damage your facial hair extensively. Color is largely capable of damaging the roots and scalp of the beard part, with making the scalp dry and lifeless with the usage of heavy harmful chemicals and bleach that are truly harsh for your beard scalp and hair.

As such, you need to take keen care of your stubble that is to be colored so as to safeguard your stubble wools from dryness, brittleness, split ends and other such damages.

4. Exhibit The Best Of You!

Exhibit The Best Beard Style To Dye Naturally At Home

Any person, after getting the hair colored, is bound to have fascination towards keeping the color for a longer period of time. It’s not just the sole responsibility of the colorist to make your hair look flawless and beautiful with the blonde color, but it is also your uttermost responsibility to let your mane look ravishing and glamorous.

Getting your hair colored serves 50% of the total phenomenon only. The rest depends on how you maintain your hair to flaunt the blonde look. For exhibiting a healthy blonde look, you must maintain the vibrancy of the hair with shampoo and conditioner that are devised explicitly for colored hair.

Final Verdict For How To Dye Beard

As such the shampoo and conditioner together shall be safeguarding your hair from diminished qualities such dulling and fading. You must also consider using products that sulfate free so as to ensure more of silky smooth healthy hair. In cases where bleach colors are used to get your blonde look done, a purple toning shampoo must be used to tackle the brassiness.

Your beard is that constituent of your facial composition that is capable of performing miracles in case of your total presentation. It comprises of a super skill that shall either enhance your look or degrade it completely with resulting in a diminished identity portrayal. It is a matter of great triumph for men who flaunt their outer appearance with a perfect manly look after dye.
Be it to ruin and dine the lady gang, or to be the show stopper, the perfect beard is sufficient to make you look effortlessly ready, in no time. Therefore getting how to dye beard at home naturally can never be an off track decision for you, thus letting you a chance to exhibit a blazing personality and making you the ruler of the realm.

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