Natural Ways To Cure Itchy Beard – How To Stop Beard Itch

In today’s hipster culture, a number of long beard styles and makeover looks have become voguish. Despite the craze pertaining to long beards, it is important to remember that sporting a beard is not an end in itself. It also needs to be taken care of and maintained properly. Grooming one’s beard is not as easy as it appears to be.

Irritation and itchiness are the primary factors due to which men consider stopping sporting beards. Having a scratchy beard is not only a source of discomfort but also socially discomforting. Beard scratching draws judgmental looks and its consequential social stigma. No matter how undesirable it is, not many can avoid the bane of an itchy beard. It can arise due to many reasons.

The first and foremost cause of an itchy beard is constant shaving. Razing facial hair makes them coarse and thick, which leads to irritable regrowth. Shaving also mutilates hair follicles and cause itchiness. Dirt, sweat and dry skin are among the other reasons that lead to beard itching.

Nowadays, markets are full of expensive beard waxes, shampoos and conditioners to keep your beard healthy. Even though these products are highly effective, they are sure to burn a hole in your pocket. But do not be disheartened, as these extravagant facial hair care products have many natural alternatives.

The five natural remedies given below are sure to help you fight itchiness and style your beard any way you want to.

Proper Cleansing | Exfoliation | Moisturize Your Beard

Proper Cleansing Is Best Home Remedy

Beards require regular cleaning to prevent its pores from getting clogged by dead skin cells and become itchy. Regular soaps and face washes contain sodium Laureth sulfate that removes extra oil from the skin. Too much of its use can cause your skin to lose out on the essential oils that keep it supple and soft. The resultant dry skin is itchier than ever.

This problem can be cured and resolved in a natural manner. It is advisable to make your own natural cleansing mix to help soothe the skin under the beard. Products that you can substitute for soap are beeswax, honey, olive oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, peppermint green-tea and so on. These natural ingredients will not only cleanse your beard but also hydrate it. This also reduces or stops the itch for a great length of time.

Exfoliation To Cure Itchy Beard

Another reason that causes beard itch is ingrown hair. Thickened hair follicles trap coarse hair and cause immense irritation. Scrubbing your face will enable proper hair breakthrough and prevent the layering of dead skin under the beard. There are many face scrubs available, but if its use causes dryness and inflammation, then you can resort to natural remedies.

A mixture of coarse-grained sugar and calendula oil acts as a fantastic scrub that gently exfoliates your underlying skin area. The use of citrus fruits extracts also helps to dissolve dead skin. After applying the exfoliating mix of your choice, scrub your facial hair area with a loofah or pumice stones. This, followed by a thorough rinse, will make your beard grime free and refreshed. Regular exfoliation with natural products will not only eradicate beard itch but also promote better hair growth.

Moisturize Your Beard For Healthy Growth

Moisturize Beard To Stop Itching

It is very important to follow a moisturizing regime on a regular basis to atone for its dryness. If you only focus on washing your beard and miss out on moisturising, then it might aggravate the itchiness to a greater extent. If not Moisturized regularly, then the skin under your beard will become flaky and might also lead to inflammation. These cause the worse kind of skin irritation and scratchiness. This can be prevented through many such ingredients that you could easily find at home.

Olive oil mixed with aloe Vera plant extracts produces an antibacterial and hydrating concoction for your beard. Massaging it from the root to the tips of your beard will eliminate skin problems that lead to itchy beards. There are many other natural alternatives to beard balms that can give relief to your itchy beard without any side effects.

Coconut oil, argan oil and almond oil have a miraculous effect on facial hair. It does not only soothe the hair follicles but also smoothen the beard and imparts a glossy look to it. Applying cucumber extracts on the roots of your facial hair will offer hydration for many hours.

Removing Extra Moisture

One of the major causes of beard itch is the moisture that gets trapped within it. This could happen due to excess sweat or a recent wash. To stop beard irritation, you have to make sure that your beard is dry at all times. Removing trapped perspiration can be attained through a quick plain water wash. The next important step is to dry it entirely, lest the trapped water may cause the beard follicles to swell and itch.

You should try and avoid the use of hair dryers for its excessive heat that might singe the beard and the skin underneath. Patting your beard dry with a clean towel is a better option since it is gentle on your face and is harmless.

Trimming And Combing To Get Rid Of Beard Itching

Trimming And Combing To Get Rid Of Beard Itch

Longish beards are prone to accumulating dirt and dust over time. This also causes tension at the roots of facial hair and result from itchiness. Combing your beard at least once a day will detangle it and help in brushing out flaky skin and other impurities.

Regular trimming is also necessary for maintaining beard health. The tips of one’s beards often get damaged and cause irritation to those who sport a short beard style. Trimming your beard will remove the spoilt edges and prevent beard itch.


These are a few tips and habits that promote good beard growth and prevent those conditions that lead to beard itch. It will help in to cure scratching. These are all home remedies which any men can easily use. To obtain the perfect beard style makeover, you need to take care of these essential aspects. It is these little things that help to keep your beard skin and facial hair healthy. Inculcating these natural measures in your daily beard care ritual will improve your facial hair quality and help you groom it better.

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