7 Beard Growing Hacks For Newbies

From the very beginning of life, growing beard has always been a trend and the super enthusiastic styling process for the men generation. It is not only a matter of styling for lad kind, but it also signifies health and triumph at the same time.
Beards play major role when it comes to protecting your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of sun and flaunting an ever-ready styled look that needs no time to portray the swag in you. To look your best with the perfectly styled beard glimpse, we have come up with the 7 craziest hacks for beard growth that will help the newbies in extensive growing of their beard hair and flaunt a manly look.

1. Health is Wealth : Beard Growing Tips

Health is Wealth Beard Growing Hacks For Newbies
The health of body or hair largely depends on the food that men consume in their day to day lives. Without in taking proper Nutrition and food elements, it’s never possible on our part to witness commendable growth in both body and hair. Proteins, always are considered as that part of the beard growing food nutrients that supply your body with significant amount of potential and energy that is required by your body and hair at large. This one is best growing tips and hacks for men and newbies.
On consuming a high protein drink and food platter or any diet that is rich in protein and healthy fat, your body attains the strong base that is required to nurture the hair growth. The consumption of organic meat, which is free from hormones, is highly essential for men’s body which in turn boosts the testosterone levels in the body, hence enhancing the probabilities of hair growth.
Vitamins play a major role in growing hair thicker with faster speed through nurturing the roots with oils, and enhancing your immune system, thus facilitating improved blood circulation in the body.

Vitamin B9 :

Lets you gain dense hair. It is Obtained from cereals, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamins E, B5 and B3:

Lets you enhance blood circulation. It is Obtained from chicken, fish, beef, egg yolk, avocado and whole grains.

Vitamin A :

Lets you develop hair follicles and serum. It is Obtained from carrots, broccoli and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C :

Lets you improve the body immune system. It is Obtained from citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers and dark green leafy vegetables.

2. Testosterone And Its Importance : Best For Beard Growth

Testosterone And Its Importance Beard Growing Hacks For Newbies
Do you know what is the main factor that transforms boys into men? Yes, its Testosterone. Testosterone constitutes that hormone in the men body which is responsible for all manly developments in a human body such as increased size of organs and the formation of strength within the body and the growth of hair in the body, both face and head. This one is best growing tips and hacks for men and newbies.
Thus, enhancing your testosterone level occupies that vital option in men’s facial hair growth process that is capable of encouraging accelerated blooming of facial hair. The more you put your efforts in uplifting your testosterone levels, the more you gain chances to growing a fresh dense beard.

3. All Work And No Play Make Jack A Beardless Man

All Work And No Play Make Jack A Beardless Man For Beard Growth
Boys, now a days being super absorbed with career goals, have no time for lending time to exercising and fitness tricks. Exercise, in any way promotes better body condition of any human. Exercising, no matter which form you adopt, directly influences better working condition of muscles, blood, and hormones. This one is best growing tips and hacks for men and newbies.
The better condition obviously facilitates a better mental health that directly or indirectly maintains the developed state of the hormones and since Testosterone plays a vital role in the beard growth, exercising becomes a must for the newbies. Only with a half an hour exercising per day, you not only support the factors of growth, but you also provoke your facial hair to flourish with optimum health.

4. Sugar Sugar, No Papa

Say No to Sugar For Healthy Beard Growth
Hair growth and healthy body largely depends on the food and its constituents that we consume on daily basis. The variation of constituents has a very deep impact in the development of hair and skin in body as the increase in any particular constituent in men’s blood may lead to either flourished state of body or degraded condition of the same.
Our body blood comprises of the Biotin element that facilitates hair and nail growth in our body. The presence of the Biotin content in the blood is very much essential so as to maintain the pace of hair and nail growth in the body.
Sugar, tends to weaken this component, thus reducing the orderly growth of hair and nails in men’s body and as such it is necessary on our part to reduce the consumption of sugary food or any edible substance that includes maximum sugar content. Hence, the protein would do for the maximum hair growth. This one is best growing tips and hacks for men and newbies.

5. Go Green, Go Beard

Go Green Go Beard Growth Tips
Since, hair and nail growth largely depends on the constituents of our food that we consume, we must know what food would be proper for us to take and what not for the better beard growth. As we have learnt about the ill benefits of consuming sugary food, newbies definitely need to figure out what would be the best thing that shall emphasize the hair growth.
Green vegetables which are significantly leafy and dark must be consumed to a great extent in order to nurture our motive that implies good health and good beard. The prime reason of consuming green, leafy and dark vegetables is that green vegetables help men’s body to get estrogen diminished to an extent, and thus facilitating the balance maintenance of hormones. Balance in hormones can be really beneficial in proper growth of facial hair and nails, hence a great trick for newbies.

6. Patience Is Golden : Best Beard Growing Hacks

Patience Is Golden Growth Tips
Beard is regarded as the valuable asset of any man which emphasizes the total presentation as well as portrays the identity with a style statement. It requires significant hard work and patience to achieve that perfect beard. Patience would be highly required by newbies at the initial stage as perfect dense beard is something that is impossible to be achieved within a day dream.
With the growth of freshly grown facial hair, you need to let them keep growing for a couple of weeks. Get your hands tied and stop shaving for minimum 4 weeks so as to allow the beard to exercise its maximum capability to grow. In short, get rid of the razor.

7. Nurture For Happy Beard

Nurture For Happy Beard
Your beard to grow properly and flourish with best quality needs to be cleaned and maintained from time to time in order to flaunt a flawless beard look. For a healthy perfect look, you need to follow the following measures that may sound clumsy but are super easy and fun to be executed.

A. Cleansing The Beard

To be precise, your facial hair needs to washed twice a week which can be beneficial if executed with a brush. Your roots are blessed with serum oils, which need to preserved properly for a nourished look, and as such any general soap or shampoo won’t work for a healthy beard wash.

B. Conditioning The Beard

Just like the beard wash, these hairs needs to be conditioned with a conditioner to nourish them with smoothness and achieve a hydrated, healthy, manageable look.

C. Massaging With Love

Beard oil tends to moisturize the roots and tips of the facial hair, which in turn facilitates deep rooted strong hair and manageable look. Messaging with beard oil also hydrates the skin underneath along with keeping away dandruff from the hairs.

D. Styling And Nourishing

Beard hair, apart from just going through proper care, needs to be styled properly along with care in order to promote a blazing appearance and health at the same time. The balm, butter and wax are some of those things that are devised to cater style and care to your stubble hair.
The balm ensures that your hair gets nourished and conditioned properly for a smooth lustrous look. The butter matte-fies the look with a mild hold over and keeping your hair all sorted for the go. The beard wax, nevertheless styles up and keeping the hair on line with no crimped hair. These products are out of the harm zone and can be applied daily with no time limitations.

E. Combing And Brushing

Combing and brushing definitely enhances the beard look, as with proper tamed hair, with no frowziness, the total appearance looks properly groomed up. Brushes and combs play separate roles for your beard. A brush does the best for short hairy and the comb does best for the longer length.
Your stubble hairs not only just flaunts the better version of you, but it also signifies your particular style statement that you opt for as your identity traits. Be it to impress the high heels party ladies or being the centre of attraction in your squad, it shall do that all for your sake. All of these are best growing tips and hacks for men and newbies.
A beard having brilliant tactics to flaunt your facial look in no time is also capable of innumerable health care benefits that protect your skin from various factors. The stubble hair has beneficial traits such as keeping away allergens and acting as a protector for your nose and mouth, making skin smooth and lustrous, moisturizing the skin underneath, and protecting the skin and body from the ill-benefits of sun rays. Thus to ensure health with style, newbies must take extensive care of the beard hair which is super easy to be done with above mentioned super easy tricks and turns.


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