Top 7 Rum Brands In The World

Rum exhibits that genre of fluid that is actually a drink which is popular as one of the delicious drinks throughout the world, which is favored for its phenomenal taste that is generated out of sugarcane juices or molasses. The first distillery was first set up in the Caribbean islands during the 17th century.
With a steady acceleration, the set of alcohol producing brands could successfully spread its wings towards the endless vicinity. With evolution of time, the Rum category could successfully elongate its various sections with a wide variety of Rum brands and this wide variety enables a tough decision for the consumers to select from the wide variety of available tastes and brands.
During the 17th century, It was first initiated to exist in Caribbean sugarcane plantations. The first distillery was set up in Barbados along with Brazil where the production of Rum came into being during the early 17th century. This drink has been successfully occupying the top number of people’s favorite fluid list especially for beachside freak outs.

List Of 7 Best Rum Brands In World

List Of 7 Best Brands Of Rum In World
Alcohol has always been a must which adds spark to the parties as well as soothes the beachside amusement. Here are the 7 Best rum brands in the world amongst the entire fraternity of alcohol producing companies that are sure to guide you towards choosing the right brand to soothe your thirst.

1. Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate Best Rums Brands
A product of Gruppo Campari’s, Appleton Estate has been successfully running its production and distribution for the past few years. Since 2008, this brand of Rum implies to approx 1.2m nine-liter case sales every year.
Though even with the decline in top most best selling brands, the Jamaican liquor gets listed into the best top 10 names of the rum brand list that is rated to depict the best selling alcohol products in the world.
The distillery owned under this label is of the oldest form of spirit production that released the large quantities of alcohol throughout the endless vicinity. This liquor that produces the fine taste of rum is largely demanding by the consumers for its rich taste and its incredible combination of all of its constituents.

2. Bacardi

Bacardi Rum Drinks
Bacardi is regarded to be the vastest drinks company in the world that is fully owned by family. With its wide range of premium set of blends, the Bacardi Reserve Limitada occupies the supreme most place in the set list, which is composed out of the best and finest Rums with an age depth of 16 years.
The fluid itself constitutes of a very rich state of deep golden color and a splendid taste texture of dry fruits along with the essence of oak and vanilla that are capable of adjoining great taste to the fluid.
The taste of the fluid certainly justifies the hard work of storing the glory of the fluid in slightly The deep gold color and rich taste of dry fruits, oak, and vanilla is the result of its storage in slightly burnt American white oak barrels. So it is also one of the Famous rum brands in the world.

3. Contessa

Contessa Special Xxx Rum Best Alcohol Brands
The name which is worth to mention while piling up the names of best alcohol brands is the Contessa Special XXX Rum. This commodity could successfully manage to win the silver medal during the 2008 Monde Selection. Nevertheless, it also managed to gain a Bronze medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition during the year 2007.
The Contessa Special XXX Rum was initiated and produced by the House of Radico Khaitan, who occupy a place into one of the most promising Indian spirit makers, who are absorbed into producing the only Indian Rum made from cane juice spirit.

4. Montilla

Montilla Top Rum Serving Brands In The World
Montilla is considered to be produced during the 1970’s that was governed and owned by Seagram’s who are a prominent producer of Canadian whisky. The fluid was initially marketed in Brazil. Although with a number of declining situations that took place in the last 5 years, Montilla could successfully rank amongst the top liquor serving brands in the world and ranks higher according to both sales and popularity.
The Montilla comprises of a bigger name that refers to Pernod Ricard’s Montilla Rum and it occupies a major section of its consumers from the country Brazil. The Montilla was named after a Spanish municipality and exhibits an amazing taste of Rum which is brilliantly rich in flavor.
The fluid reflects a relishing color that signifies authenticity, richness and divine. Not just the fluid, the packaging of the fluid also promotes a great colored glass bottle that is totally eye pleasing in nature. The bottle comprises of the visual imprint of a pirate who has an exceptional hairy chest. So it is also one of the Best selling rum brands in the world.

5. Brugal

Brugal Rum Is Famous In USA
Brugal Rum is owned by a UK drinks production group known as the Edrington. Brugal Rums occupies the reputation of being one of the best liquor rendering brand throughout the Caribbean Islands and Spain. The factories of Brugal are located in Puerto Plata where the best selling fluid is produced.
Although the distribution and marketing offices are being placed in the capital city of Santo Domingo with its another regional office in Santiago de los Caballeros which is the second largest city of Dominican Republic. The brand is concerned with producing several varieties of rums which are bestowed and developed with distinctive tastes. Even though after going through a lot of turbulences, Brugal Rum could successfully accelerate its sales towards 22 percent in the US market.

6. Havana Club is Best Rum Brand

Havana Club Most Promising Rum Brands In The World
Pernod Ricard’s Havana Club known as just Havana Club refers to the fifth biggest rum producing brand in the world that was concerned with the production of almost 4 million cases sold during the year 2012–2013. The Pernod Ricard’s Havana Club largely involves with more than 120 countries.
The most prominent spots for the Havana Club to market its production refers to France, and Germany along with making India which is the world’s second largest liquor market, as it’s another prominent hotspot since 2008.
The Pernod Ricard’s Havana Club implies to the one of the most well known Rum producing brands in the world that was established in 1978 in Santa Cruz del Norte Cuba by Jose Archebala. With its initial existence, the brand started flourishing with its speedy sales hike in each year, thus making it as one of the most promising Rum brands in the world.

7. Captain Morgan White Rum

Captain Morgan White Rum
The Captain Morgan White Rum refers to one of the most prominent spirit producing brand throughout the endless vicinity where the taste of white rum is a matter of fascination for the people. The Captain Morgan implies to that spirit brand which occupies the reputation of being the most successful spiced drink in the whole category of rums that are catered in the world.
This drink offers that example for the other rum producing brand being the standard of sales and marketing, worthy to be followed by all other spiced rums. This brand now deals with a set of differently flavored that include Captain Morgan Pineapple, Captain Morgan Coconut, and Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rums. The brand coined its name from Sir Henry Morgan who used to be a Welsh Caribbean privateer during the 17th century.
Liquor play a significant role in adding spark to your party spots or soothing your thirst in any event with a perfect rich taste made out of sugar and other combinations. It can be blended perfectly with other drinks to produce cocktails or can be consumed straight, on the rocks or can be implemented with proper cooking recipes. But choosing from the wide range of rums that are available in the market can be a bit tricky on your part.
As such you can definitely check out the above mentioned best 7 brands that produce alcohol for choosing the best rum brand for your splendid moments.

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