How To Clean Sunglasses : How You Should Be Cleaning Sunglasses

Sunglasses are those accessories, rather assets of a man which are liked to be flaunted in the best possible way without implementing it with your outfit in any wrong way. Shades constitute that place in your wardrobe which needs to be handled with utmost care and maintenance so as to enable portraying the glory of shades in the supreme manner. The sunglasses, even with the lightest of scratches on the surface of the glasses, can damage the total vigor of the look in front of your squad.

7 Easy Steps Sunglasses Caring Guide

How You Should Be Cleaning Designer Sunglasses
Specs without proper maintenance tend to be like occupied with scratches and color degradation, which directly or indirectly puts a wrong impression on the audience who sees to it. You want to know how? With flaunting a pair of sunglasses occupied with scratches and color degradation, your squad or any other person may consider you to be a lazy sloth. Who is deprived of any intentions of taking proper care of his accessories or is lazy enough to not caring about the productivity of the look. Thus it very important on your part to take keen care of the pair of goggles that you own.
Cleaning pair of aviators require good amount of sincerity and attention as cleaning your sunglasses isn’t a mere easy thing to be done. But now we come up with a set of 7 easy peasy steps of how you should be cleaning sunglasses in the easiest way with almost no efforts.
So for “how to clean sunglasses“, here Following are such a set of 7 steps for the complete cleaning process of your favorite chain of spectacles.

1. Clean Hands, Happy Hands

Clean Hands To Take Care Of Sunglasses
On the very first place, you must first get your hands washed thoroughly with clean water and tap your hands dry. Then, you must check consciously if your hands are contained with dirt and dust, as your hands need to be totally free from all the problematic materials that may hamper the surface of sunglasses.
Also you need to make sure that your hands are also free from moisture and anything that is capable to add luster to the sunglass surface. Therefore make your hands so free from everything that no particle can hamper the sunglasses surface and look. You can make your hands clean in even a better way by making the use of lotion-free soap and any liquid or soap that is utilized for washing dishes and can be really helpful for enabling moisture and dirt free hands.

2. Rinsing Your Glasses

Rinsing Your Glasses To Clean Designer Sunglasses
The second step involves immersing the glasses in a gentle solution that can certainly imply the utilization of lukewarm tap water. The process involves taking of lukewarm tap water in a container and dip the pair of sunglasses into the water. This phenomenon is ideal to let your shades get rid of unwanted dirt and dust from the surface of the glasses and making them somewhat clean for the next steps.
With the proper immersing of the spectacles in water, the glasses get free get free from all such particles and would get clean enough to get off from any chances of getting scratches from the dust and dirt particles. Also you must take keen care in not using warm water for rinsing the dirt and dust particles that as warm water may let your eyeglasses lens coatings get damaged.

3. Moisture To The Lens

Moisture To Lens Tips to Take Care of Sunglasses
After rinsing off the sunglasses, the immediate next step comes with applying cleansing moisture to the total phenomenon. In this step you must add small drops of dishwashing liquid or a small quantity of dishwashing soap that does not contain any lotion content.
The solution is now ready to clean the spectacles properly and extensively without damaging the texture of the specs. But utilizing the a lot of dishwashing liquid can be really harmful to the shades that you’ve dipped to clean because liquid dishwashing are concentrated to the greater extent which can really hamper the quality of your sunglasses and damage both of the lens.

4. Actual Cleaning

How To Clean Designer Sunglasses
The next step involves the soft cleansing of the sunglasses where it get actually cleaned with proper rubbing of the glass lens. All you are required to do in this step is softly rubbing the specs lens with your fingertips, so gently that the lenses do not get damaged by any harsh treatment.
With your clean hands, you need to gently apply your fingertips on the sunglasses lenses and keep on cleansing the sides of the lenses so that all the dirt and hazy features get removed. The sides of the lenses and different parts of the frame and also the nook and corners of the frame needs to be cleaned properly and gently with your fingertips.
There are also some delicate parts of the specs that need to be cleansed too which constitute the nose pads and the finish points of the temples that rest behind your ears. Also you need to make sure that you are cleaning the point where the lenses of both sides meet with its two edges. This is such a part of the sunglasses thing where unknowingly a lot of dirt and dust that mix up with oils and gets collected within the corner of the part and center.

5. Rinsing The Sunglasses

Rinsing Sunglasses Caring Guide
After proper cleansing of all the parts of the shades, it’s time for you to rinse off the applied soap and liquid dish wash that were meant to cleanse the sunglasses. The applied soap and dish wash liquid needs to be washed thoroughly to let no molecules of soap to stay on the parts that can hamper the parts as attaining the traits of dust and dirt.
The soap particles and the dishwashing liquid molecules need to be completely washed off in a gently without enabling any damage with rough rinsing of the aviators parts. You must take good care in rinsing the both sides of the lenses properly with great care. Not just the lenses, but the frames are also required to be washed properly. Without proper washing of the lenses and frames, the soap molecules can damage lenses density and clarity.

6. Eliminating The Excess Water

The water that gets accumulated in the parts of the sunglasses and fail to escape even after rinsing off all the water, is hazardous for the sunglass quality. The water that stays collected in the corners of the parts can make those areas terribly damp and loose which can result to as making the pair of glasses not getting fitted properly or degrading color, broken parts or dirty corners.

7. Drying The Lens

Drying The Lens For How To Clean Sunglasses
The sunglasses lenses after getting into cleansing, washing and rinsing correctly, need to be dried up properly before you wear them. It should be properly dried up and clean before anything just gets damaged. Shades that have undergone so much of torture since the very beginning of the procedure needs some bit of pampering for now.
Your Shades are now ready to be loved with some warmth of the towel. You need to be very careful while drying up your specs because a little bit of pressure on the sunglasses with your hands can cause damage it. It might lead to scratches, or breakage, or tinted glasses, etc. You can gently use a cotton towel which is really soft to be applied and dry up the clean wet specs. Also Visit here for Sunglasses Buying Guide for Men.

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