Fashion Style Tips For Men Over 50

In the contemporary era, fashion has all the fun of the fair. Whether it is at a party or a corporate meeting, we want to present the best version of ourselves. But so many of us are living under a false impression that fashion is limited by age. This is most common in people between the ages of 40-50. The question is Are we thinking?

While both men and women are using their ages as blank slates and taking charge of their wardrobes today, men over 50 are going all haywire. Despite the consistent fashion trends, men over 50 still choose to swear by the same old pair of check shirts and trousers. But now it’s time to discard the monotony for something trendy.

Today, let’s bring a quirky twist to this concept of ‘Grandfather dressing.’ Here are some of the best fashion style tips for men over 50 that will turn heads like never before!

Transition In Fashion Trend With Age Why Is It Necessary!

We, as humans, tend to get ourselves accustomed to the ongoing style of society. Similarly, it is very natural for us to adopt the trend in fashion that is in practice around us. We learn from looking and embrace the style of others. This trait of us is inherent and useful, no doubt. However, the real problem starts to arise when we are nearing our age of retirement, and the trend to be adopted is relating to the current fashion.

The problem is, we fail to change our fashion in complement to our increasing age. This often leads to an odd collaboration of improper dressing sense. The prime reason for this is, we fail to recognize that with growing age, there is an urgent need to upgrade our fashion too.

The result is middle aged men often dressing like teenagers. While there is no harm in that, the new and powerful aura that comes with your age is lost in such a superficial dressing style. Men above 50 years of age possess a different charisma in them, and the best way to hold that up is by dressing your age.

One’s age should be his badge of honor, and he should keep it polished by dressing well. So, if you want to stand out in the society, if you want to be taken seriously among your peers and juniors, if you are willing to captivate others with the charm of your age, the best way is to have an impeccable fashion and dressing sense. Stay with us to learn how to do that!

How To Plan Your Wardrobe?

Looking sharp is what should be in your mind if you are above 50 years. It’s quite difficult in our society to be respected if you are a senior citizen. So, dress immaculately to demand some serious reverence. But, there is no straightjacket rule to follow while dressing up. A man must enjoy his fashion and style, and not just follow a laid down formula.

Being satisfied with your dressing sense increases confidence, and that is the most important thing to wear your confidence. So, to boost up your confidence, you need to keep a Wardrobe with a variety of wearables for every occasion or mood. An ideal wardrobe for a man over 50 years may include the following:

  • Men in grey’ is a perfect style statement for anyone above 50 years. With your hair on the greyish side, an all grey get up would look stunning. For this, keeping a tweed and a blazer is a must.
  • Black and White play a big role in this age too. Matching your black shirt with a white coat suit and trousers would look fabulous. So, maintaining a combination of black and white shirt and coat suit in your wardrobe may be a clever thing to do. On the alternative, an all black/ white pant coat suit can also be used.
  • Hats are necessary. A nice brown or black suede hat would lift your fashion statement by a good margin. Moreover, hats are suitable for all occasions, be it a wedding ceremony or a fundraiser event.
  • For casual wearing, jeans are irreplaceable. A good black or blue jeans is extremely important, whatever be your age. The most interesting thing about jeans is its versatility. It can be worn with anything be it a tee shirt, a shirt or a blazer. On a casual night, a black blazer over a black tee worn with a blue/black denim looks perfect. Straight leg jeans with well fitted rear and waist are sure to have.
  • Chinos or casual trousers are also good to keep, especially for casual wear. Coupled with seaters or jackets, they look fabulous on mature men.
  • Color matching can be tried while choosing suits. It is not necessary to keep restrained to black and white suits/coats. You can also try other colors like blue or dark green depending upon your choice. But be careful to verify whether the color suits you or not. Navy blue blazers go very well to supplement your outfit and provide a perfect blend of a casual and formal look. It even goes quite well with jeans or chinos.
  • A good woolen cardigan, black, preferably, for your winter wear. The cardigans can be used over a variety of tops, that will improve the fashion quotient of the outfit as well as make it warmer.
  • A classic sweater with crew neck designs is also a must have. They can be worn solo, or can also be paired with button down shirts, and is sure to increase the elegance of your look. V-neck sweaters are also a good option for casual dressing outings. Turtle neck sweaters are also good for pairing with jeans, and they also help in covering your jawline and throats.
  • Trench coats for rainy days are quite good. For winter, good bomber jackets or puffer jackets can be kept. They provide both comfort and style.
  • A pair of formal shoes should be there. Black or brown oxford shoes are also great for a wardrobe. Brown is more formal than black, so senior men with a catchy style can always use some brown leather. Suede shoes are also great.
  • A pair of good neckties and a bunch of scarfs are also important. The color of these should have a proportionate matching with your other clothes.
  • Other casual wearables you may keep in your wardrobe includes a leather jacket (black or brown), a black or a toned camel blazer, or some casual coats to be worn over casual shirts.

Things You Should Avoid Wearing When You Are In Your 50s:

Although a man can wear anything he chooses, it’s somewhat good not to look childish at his age. A boyish look needs to be avoided to flaunt your maturity, and that calls for saying no to certain apparel, which tends to bring down your fashion statement. Some of such things, which you should exclude from your wardrobe, are:

Sleeveless Shirts: Sleeveless shirts are too boyish. Sleeveless shirts over other shirts are still okay, but only wearing sleeveless in your fifties is a no-no.

Shirts / T-shirts With Logos Of Brands, Football Teams, Etc.: Unless you are watching a game in any play arena, avoid wearing any shirt that has a team logo printed across it. Jerseys are for the stadiums only. And that too, especially for youngsters. Wearing those in your fifties look odd. The same goes for shirts having the brand logos or names printed across it.

Excessive Cologne Or Jewelry: Anything in excess needs to be avoided. The same is for your perfume and jewelry. Just a drop is absolutely perfect for the day. Old age suits mediocrity and not grandness. As far as jewelry is concerned, it’s better to avoid them altogether. Or, at least to keep them a bare minimal.

Distressed Pants / Shirts: These are for the kids. You had the opportunity of wearing them when you were a teenager. Not any more. Split jeans and distressed pants should be totally avoided. It’s time to wear something classy and not funky.

New Balance Shoes Or Sports Shoes: Sports shoes or the colored New Balance shoes do not compliment a good fashion sense at all when you are above 50 years of age. Hitting the gym in such shoes may be okay, but nothing more.

Not Too Baggy, Not Too Loose: Clothes should not be too baggy. Neither it should be too loose to your body. Fit clothes are the key to looking good. Choose wisely, depending on your body shape.

Sandals: Sandals of all kinds should be kept out of your wardrobe. Although they can be worn at home or on the beach, you should try to avoid them in general.

Suede Bomber Jackets Over Leather Jackets: Leather jackets look good, no doubt, but they are more suitable for the younger generation. If you are willing to dress casually, a cool suede bomber jacket looks much better.

Necktie Without A Jacket: Wearing neckties, or even shirts without neckties, and not wearing any coat or jacket, does not look charming. It gives the appearance of a young man still struggling to get a proper job. To augment your elegant look in your 50s, do complement your shirt and neckties with a good jacket or coat.

Tattoos: Tattoos are not classy, especially for older men. That is even truer if the tattoos are not selected properly. To look neat, avoid getting a tattoo. If you really need one, be sure to think twice before choosing the appropriate one.

Break The Grounds With These Top Fashion Tips For Men Over 50

There is still a hope to hide those funny things that happen with age. If you can’t change the size of your bulging stomach and greying hair, you can always hide them, at least! The best way to look cool at this age is to look neat and sophisticated. You can follow the tips laid down below to augment your fashion.

1. Keep The Denim Game On

Whoever said older men should drop wearing denim?
Most older men become under confident about wearing denim persistently after crossing their fifties. But a good pair of denim can still work wonders for you. Avoid wearing skinny denim that enhances your flaws. Straight fit jeans that are highly relaxing are your best bet for now. These will also help you to deal with the awful muscle cramps and leg aches while you are having the time of your life.

2. Say ‘NO’ To Young Men’s Fashion

The realization of your age is of utmost importance before you head towards wearing the right styles that suit you. While a pair of ripped jeans and tousled hair might look good on a young man’s body, opting for the same style will look like a faux pas on you.

Go for styles that fit your age. A comfortable pair of chinos, lightly printed t-shirts, and fine suits can help you combat the problem. Make sure you remember to wear what looks best on you.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Most men focus on quantity over quality, while the contrary is what is needed. Concentrating on quality is highly essential to invest in the right pieces that suit your age. For most younger men who keep shifting from one fashion trend to the other, quality might not be the ultimate option, but for men over 50, it counts the most.

If you’re buying a blazer, make sure the quality is lasting enough. Brands like Hugo Boss and Canali are the best suited for men over 50.

4. Improve The Color Palette

The colors you opt to play a crucial role in transforming your fashion sense. While dark colors like black, grey, and purple can enhance your flaws and worn features, bright colors will hide them and make you look younger and fresher. Pastels and clean colors can come to your rescue when in need. While you pick the right colors for your age, make sure to opt for a single color instead of colorful attires that might do more harm than good.

5. Avoid Experimental Hairstyles

While it might sound cool to experiment with different hairstyles, for older men, it might turn out to be a fashion disaster. Remember to cling on to the classy in you by keeping touch with a few but quality hairstyles. Say a big ‘NO’ to hair spikes and highlights if that’s what’s on your mind right now. They can damage the whole concept of dressing the age.
Slicked back hairstyles side parted hair with a subtle beard and short hair are some of the best hairstyles trends for men from this age.

6. Opt For The Tuck-ins

Older men should offer a tucked in look to beat the faux pas blues. These tucked in shirts not only appear cleaner but also render a fresh look to the wearer. Even if you’re wearing a t-shirt, try and tuck them in to enhance the classy look on you. You can also opt for layering it with a fine blazer or a well kempt suit to top off the look.

7. When In Doubt, Wear A Suit

If you’ve been wondering what makes women fall for older men, this is it! Suits can never go wrong when in need. These aren’t just one of the best pieces of fashion that come to your rescue but also the classiest of all. Whether you are looking to dress up for a party or a corporate event, make it a point to dress in suits occasionally to keep the spirit alive. A fancy wristwatch with polished shoes will complete the look like no other!

8. Count On A Trusted Tailor

If you’ve been wearing designs that hardly fit you right, its time to change the tailor! Remember to select a tailor who understands your preferences and helps you bring out the best in you, in time. A tailor who can make you look well dressed is all you need to look classy. Make sure they focus on concealing those parts of your body that you aren’t comfortable in displaying.

9. Wear Your Comfort

No matter what you wear, if you aren’t comfortable, there’s no point dressing! Focus on your comfort and wear what you find your confidence in. This will bring out the difference in you. A confident look with a happy face is as charming as anything.

10. Never Say Never

If you’re a man over 50, losing his mind over what to wear and how to keep the fashion alive, do not miss out on this article! The fashion tips mentioned above are sure to work wonders for you, whether you are in it or not. These tips and tricks will not only enhance your fashion sense but also leverage your confidence that will reflect everywhere you go. Make sure you inspire everyone with your fashion sense and ignite the spark in every heart!

Overall, a decent and neat fashion sense goes a long way in complementing your style statement. Being above 50 years gives you a lot of charming fashion options, and the key is to choose wisely. Remove the unnecessary apparel and invest in quality. Dress according to occasions, and keep your confidence always on the high.

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