A Complete Guide About The Cocktail Attire For Men

Cocktail Attire For Men

Gone are the days when the dress code was simple as a black tie, white shirt, and shiny shoes. When in doubt, it is wise to choose stuff that you wouldn’t normally wear at the office. Wearing a tuxedo will make you look out of place. Jacket & trouser for cocktail attire for men must be chosen depending upon daytime or evening.

Spread collars or French cuffs, determine in which you feel comfortable, and look confident. Shoes exhibit the personality of man; therefore, play around with patterns like whole-cut or double monk. The quality of cut, fabric, material, and color is the secret to a successful cocktail party. When nothing is clear, you may go for a jacket, a pair of dress shoes and a simple tie. It will never go wrong.

But what to do when you are being invited to the cocktail parties? It will look foolish to turn up in your tracksuit bottoms. You should always stick to the dress code mentioned in your invitation. If you are curious about the best way to dress up a casual cocktail, the esthetics are super easy and comfortable.

It comprises of a plain, clean, well-fitted shirt with a pair of classy tailored trouser. Style this combination to give it a dressy touch by using a chocolate brown leather belt coordinating with derby short heels. And here you are ready to rock!

What Is Cocktail Attire?

A cocktail dress can be more precisely termed as a semi-formal type of attire. In that case, you can try to avoid something too glam. Although there is a formal event, you’ll look something amazing out of place. So leave the tuxedos and corporate suits in the back of your closet secured for now.

The formality of the event normally dictates how lavish and subtle the fabrics, textures, and accessories should be. Therefore, you should be very careful with your pick. Don’t try to grab too much attention, particularly if you are at the wedding of a distant relative. Men’s cocktail attire is such a piece of a timeless, elegant trend that is frequently required at weddings or other major parties and events.

Parties nowadays have dress codes mentioned for their guests on invitation cards. Most times, this dress code is cocktail attire. Cocktail attire attributes to semi-formal dressing for a party in formal or informal gatherings. Cocktail attire does not leave you with much choice, but it can very easily go wrong.

The interpretation of men’s cocktail dress can be difficult, particularly when today’s cocktails can be formal or semi-formal. It is a good idea to have complete information about the event before making a final decision as to what to wear. This could mean that everything goes and maybe buy something new, or just experiment with a few things in your wardrobe.

What Consists of Cocktail Attire?

For men, there is a limited number of external options to choose from in this category of attire. However, there is a good number of internal choices. One of the reasons for this is the increase in popularity of this ‘party tradition’ and therefore the good market for clothes in this category. Also, these clothes are for special occasions. Therefore, they have to be finely picked and co-ordinated, unlike our daily wear clothes. Precisely, because of this reason are these clothes expensive and tricky.

1. Suit

Before beginning this section, it has to be made clear that Tuxedos are not at all a good option for cocktail parties. The nature of cocktail parties is somewhat in the middle. It is not either very formal or very casual. Therefore, the dress also has to be along these lines. Although, it would lean slightly in the more formal direction, dressing up too formally would be a mistake.

So, wearing a suit with trousers and blazers and also tie would be a good idea, but wearing a three-piece tuxedo would just be a little too much. In dressing up for a party, special attention has to be given to comfort. Only when a person will be comfortable, will they be able to enjoy themselves at the party.

To be kept in mind, especially at wedding parties, is the balance to be maintained in dressing up. One must wear clothes good enough for the hosts to feel respected and for the dress code to be respected, but a person may also be careful not to overdress. This would take away all the attention from the groom and would not be a very clever idea.

2. White Button-down Shirt

There are certain essentials that every person must have in their wardrobe. For the men, it is their white button-down shirt. The shirt can be worn with any sort of trousers and shoes to obtain different looks, be it casual, semi-formal, or formal. A good white shirt saves the perfect outfit for almost all occasions.

Worn with the correct shoes and blazer, it would be an outfit of character. A classy tie or bowtie would add just the right amount of drama to it.

Fitted shirts are simple, safe, and secure in white or powder blues for trendy and chic evening costumes. A classic or luminous patterned button shirt can thus lend cocktail clothing a new edge as long as they aren’t over the top. Don’t be scared of presenting styled shirts with a traditionalistic feel. Draw on your suit with additional colors that look presentable and well-assembled.

3. The Right Trousers

Trousers can be the saving or ruining aspect of your look. With the correct pair of trousers, things could either go wrong or can be the treat to the eyes. Although a pair of jeans ideally go with all looks and occasions, it might just not work out here.

Wearing a pair of jeans in a cocktail attire would just make it an outfit for an outdoor adventure and not one for a formal, semi-formal social gathering.

Therefore, go for trousers initially paired with the suit or some formal non-denim trousers that will go with your white shirt. With the right kind of shoes, this would be a good look.

4. What About Shoes?

Like every other menswear, the perfect pair of shoes add a tinge of elegance in your overall look. The selection of the right pair should never be overlooked. A typical Oxford round toe leather is timeless. In fact, it appears like the pair you are searching for. For real leathers, go for this look and swap products of different textures as punching brogues. You can also opt for loafers in case the party is less formal. But try to keep them in gray, navy and black, because shoes look classy and chic in these colors.

However, in case you are confident and in the mood of some experiment, this is the place where you could experiment. Do not opt for sneakers of questionable colors because that would not be very ideal for semi-formal gathering. Go with the more subtle colors of sneakers like tan or black or brown, in case you wish to go with that. Otherwise, you could opt for leather platform shoes or loafers, play safe, and call it a day.

5. Tie or the Like?

A tie with a few flipped buttons is a casual and attractive look for practically formal occasions, which blends excellently well at any time of the day. This is a popular approach, provided that it gives the necessary effortlessness to cocktail appearance. Probably a slim tie will bring cocktail appeal to proportions. Try to incorporate textured connections, including crocheted but more preferably the recent rounded models. Do not hesitate to give an illusion of color that is not misleading or gaudy, with lighter blues, reds or greens.

One of the accessories that would define and complete your cocktail attire would definitely be the tie, or its a substitute. When going for the cocktail attire, carrying a tie or bow-tie is a must. You always have the option of removing it later as and when the evening proceeds, but it has to be there to begin with. The bowtie sort of acts as a determinant of how formal the evening is or will be.

Available in varied and beautiful patterns and textures, it has a wide variety to choose from and add to your collection. For those who don’t have a collection, it is never too late to begin!

6. Cocktail Attire Socks

It may sound absurd, but the right pair of socks for men’s cocktail attire is an utter necessity. If the theme is formal, no sweaty pins should be shown, so investing in a pair of over the calf socks is necessary. If you choose the socks, match the color of the sock to your pant color to make them safe. But you can try and match your sock color to your tie if you’re a little more trend-forward and are looking for a bit of contrast. Since your socks are sometimes on the show, it should not embarrass you. So, be wise with your pick.

Other Shirts

It has been agreed that a white shirt is a go-to item for any sort of attire, especially for the cocktail attire. However, for those who wish a change or an experiment, you could go with other colors and patterns of shirts. Ideally, a light color would do, but in rare cases, a dark colored shirt, if pulled off correctly, would be a statement. The color of the shirt is also complemented by the color and texture of the jacket or blazer and vice versa. Therefore, it would be advisable to choose one that is context to the other.


Stick to the classics while settling on a fitting belt for an evening cocktail party attire for men. Invest in costlier bits, which are not too complicated and will last for several years. Go for basic shapes in good quality materials to make them appear timeless and introduce stripes into unconventional textures to make them look more contemporary. Leather and suede are a safe choice and will last for years.


With the overall look ready, the accessories would be required to complement the look. This includes pocket squares, wallets, watches, scent and all the rest. All these would just add more character and drama to the cocktail attire.

Accessories would be a good place to explore the power of leather and use it to complement your overall look. Please be careful not to be overdone in this aspect. Extra here could be disastrously wrong and something that one would regret life. Look for comfort, originality, and personalization.

The sleek pocket square tends to complete the style when it comes to accessories. Pair or tie your shirt to a pocket square equally colored, and you’re free to go. If you have never used a pocket square but are inclined to indulge in one, it’s the right time for you. Begin with just a white one. You could also add a couple of cufflinks or a smartwatch. In fact, make it simple to excel in this formal attire nothing too bright, yet nothing too offensive.

What Not To Do?

What Not To Do in Cocktail Attire

  • Cocktail events require preparation; they never appear out of slender rains. As a simple rule of thumb, carry it to the dry cleaners in case you want to wear formal attire. If your jacket has been there at the back of your closet for days, leave it to the cleaners at least three days before the event. Therefore, in brief, do not take the risk of wearing a coat or blazer without getting it dry-cleaned, otherwise it may ruin the entire look of yours.
  • Considering that there is little space for experiment with the cocktail attire for men, internal experiments could be done a mini scale. However, one has to be extremely careful that these little experiences should not go wrong. Experiment with something large here would be inadvisable, for example, do not go for polo shirts or T-shirts instead of formal shirts. Anything sporty, in fact, will go against the required attire and ruin everything.
  • Wear nothing having holes, fleece, or a rumpled collar. This shouldn’t have to be said, yet still, many guys always cling to their old discarded college t-shirt, although there is a small hole or smudge, patch, or scrub. Don’t wear it in that case patch or wash it before you wear it. Besides, be vigilant with any drinks or food that may damage your outfit!
  • Don’t wear jeans. In this type of event, your beloved jeans will not do you any favors–yeah, even when they have sick, distressed fades. Denim is never acceptable to a cocktail party under any conditions. A pair of checked, coal-black, or grey are going to help you perfectly, so add two pairs that you love: one pair of winter’s hardest leather and one pair of softer fabric for warmer days of light color. It can suit or compliment a more modern look with your sport jacket or blazer.
  • Please take into consideration the occasion once before finalizing the look and do not even think about wearing ill fitting clothes.
  • Do not turn up at an event or party with wrinkled suits. Your care for properly fitted clothes not only exhibits your hygiene, but it is also a nice gesture you can offer to the host of the party by looking more decent and responsible. So, take your time to steam your clothes properly before appearing for any gathering. Even if you wear anything inappropriate according to the party, it will look way better than being in wrinkled clothes.


Along with so many instructions and advice, the most important aspect of any look is self-confidence and comfort. The purpose of attending an occasion should not be dressing up only. It should be enjoyable as well. Enjoyment, comfort, and self-confidence go hand in hand, and each is brought about by the other. None is more or less important than the other, and all are dependent on the way one dresses.

The casual cocktail dressing is trouble free if you take the time, season, and particular purpose into consideration. Play around and experiment with different combinations before you discover your own personal style and alternative. The best style for a summer event is a vivid Chinese or pastel hue with a supplementary sweater and white blazer. Choose a stylish and up to date alternative for footwear like loafers or sneakers. Finish your look with a written bowtie, matching your pocket square to place a peculiar western routine.

The attire of the cocktail party for men should be kept simple, yet sharp. You want to feel bright and raise your backs? A stylish suit with a white shirt and a tie to the hottest shading of the season can be easily worn. However, cocktails do not always require a suit and tie. You should always consider the type of party and specifics of the function before styling up. Always remember that cocktail parties are never an opportunity for your usual jeans and tee to be taken out.

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