Men after taking birth, need to assure that they are ought to go through difficult situation of tying a knot up during any formal event or for any presentation or for family get together. Even though this is a phenomenon which takes place in any man’s life, men still find it vigorously difficult to tie a tie knot and as such try to escape from the situation.

But escaping from the situation can never be a solution to the problem. Why not facing it with grace and some easy tricks? Below are the super easy and tricky 10 steps through which you can be certain to flaunt your tie look without depending on others for tying your knot.

How To Bind Tie Knot Step By Step Guide

How To Bind Tie Knot Step By Step Guide

In this article, we shall be learning how to make a tie knot which is the most commonly used form of tie knot that is super easy to be tied and goes with most of the outfits. This knot is largely applicable by a large mass of people and is the most liked form amongst all other kinds of tie knots. You can wisely pair it up for any business meetings or formal events or special gatherings.

Tie Binding Step By Step


The tie has two ends, one with a narrow edge, and the other with a wider edge. Wear the tie in such an order that the narrow edge extends towards the right side and the wider edge towards the left side.


In the next step, you need to rule the broader edge over the narrow edge were the wide end crosses the narrow end from left side towards the right side.


Create a cross with both the narrow and wide ends and let the wider end rule over the narrow edge and then cross the wider edge under the narrow side towards the bend placed between the tie and that of the collar of the shirt.


Now pull the wider edge from the bend towards the other bend facing towards the left side of the neck and then stretch it down towards the right side.


In this step, you need to place the broad end under the narrow edge of the tie and again pull it from the right side towards the left side.


Now, all you are required to do is pull the wider edge of the tie upwards from the left side towards the right side and then passing the wide edge towards the hollow bend one more time and then pulling it again towards the left side.


After pulling the broader side towards the left side again, you are required to stretch the wider part over the knot that you have been creating since so long from left side towards the right side.


The next step involves pulling the wider edge of it again towards right bend of the lace and stretching it u so that the portion of the cloth that was placed over the knot completely veils the knot completely.


In this step, you are required to insert the wide edge towards the small opening that is located between the knot and the piece of the tie cloth that is covering the knot.


In this step, which is the final step, you need to pull the cloth completely downwards and making a good tight knot that fits perfectly with your neck and collar alignment. Now you have completely tied up Full Windsor tie knot that is ready to be flaunted with your formal look.

How To Tie A Tie Knot Full Windsor

Worried about tying your formal tie? All this time you’ve been trying to figure out the right way of wrapping a tie around your neck? No worries, now we have come up with the set of easy and simple 10 steps that are certain to teach you the correct procedure of tying the perfect Full Windsor tie knot. Binding a tie like a pro is no more a rocket science now. We have made the theory simpler for you so that you can very conveniently Bind the formal tie knot by following some easy steps and flaunting the super phenomenal formal look just within a frisk of minutes.

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